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  • Functional size traits in crowded vegetation: when bigger isn’t better 

    Tracey, Amanda
    Why do some species within crowded vegetation have greater numerical abundance than others? Functional traits are often explored as predictors of success under certain habitat conditions, and in the context of competition, ...
  • Exact-solution for Cone-plate Viscometry 

    Giacomin, A. Jeffrey; Gilbert, Peter H. (2017-08)
    The viscosity of a Newtonian fluid is often measured by confining the fluid to the gap between a rotating cone that is perpendicular to a fixed disk. We call this experiment cone-plate viscometry. When the cone angle ...
  • Fluid Elasticity in Plastic Pipe Extrusion: Loads on Die Barrel 

    Saengow, Chaimongkol; Giacomin, A. Jeffrey (2017-07)
    In large thick plastic pipe extrusion, the residence in the cooling chamber is long, and the melt inside the pipe sags under its own weight, causing the product to thicken on the bottom (and to thin on the top). To compensate ...
  • Individual variation in glucocorticoid levels: a field study of repeatability 

    Schoenemann, Kelsey
    We readily appreciate the wide phenotypic diversity that distinguishes animal species; however, even within a population of the same species, individuals can express significant phenotypic variation in their behavior, ...
  • An SCL-Based Constraint Representation Language for Intrusion Detection 

    Rahul, Ranjan
    In this thesis, we have extended the SCL (Structured and Context Language) network protocol description language to describe the complex constraints for the network engineer. Previous SCL developed with the focus of ...

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