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Art History and Art Conservation, Department of
Mathematics and Statistics, Department of
Queens's University Inter-Professional Patient-Ventred Education (QUIPPED)
  • Complex Polymer Orientation 

    Gilbert, Peter H. (2015-07)
    Previously, we explored the dynamics of a dilute suspension of rigid dumbbells as a model for polymeric liquids in large-amplitude oscillatory shear (LAOS) flow. We derived the expression for the polymer orientation ...
  • Plastic Pipe Solidification: Exact Solutions in Cylindrical Coordinates 

    Saengow, Chaimongkol; Poungthong, P.; Kolitawong, Chanyut; Giacomin, A. Jeffrey (2015-12)
    For polymer melt solidification in plastic pipe extrusion, we perform an energy balance on the pipe extrudate in cylindrical coordinates to arrive at exact solutions for the temperature, and for the solidification rate. ...
  • Transport Phenomena in Eccentric Cylindrical Coordinates 

    Gilbert, Peter H.; Saengow, Chaimongkol; Giacomin, A. Jeffrey (2016-09)
    Studies in transport phenomena have been limited to a select few coordinate systems. Specifically, Cartesian, cylindrical, spherical, Dijksman toroidal, and bipolar cylindrical coordinates have been the primary focus of ...
  • Front Matter 

    Braund, Heather; Coombs, Andrew; Lester, Britney; MacGregor, Stephen; Soleas, Terry; Cheng, Liying (2017-03-23)
    The enclosed Selected Papers 2017 represent a quality selection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2016 Rosa Bruno-Jofré Symposium in Education (RBJSE) at Queen’s University, Faculty of Education. The RBJSE is a ...
  • Engaging adolescents in mental health discussions through young adult literature: A literature review 

    de Leon, Clarissa (2017-03-23)
    This literature review explores the potential of using young adult literature (YAL) as a vehicle for engaging adolescents in mental health discussions by viewing it through the lenses of bibliotherapy and counter-storytelling. ...

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