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    • Place Attachment: Grade 2 Students' Special Places at their Schools 

      Mosscrop, Katrina (2012-05-31)
      Children transform different spaces into their own special places by interacting with the physical and social environment (Hart, 1979; Rasmussen, 2004; Sobel, 1993/2002). Special place research has focused largely on ...
    • Technological Education 

      Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; Wynne, Kathleen; Hope, Gill; Welch, Malcolm; Norman, Eddie; Olson, John; Holtermann-Delong, Ena; Higham, Jeremy; Yeomans, David; Whitaker, Chris (2010-03-19)
      Technological education encompasses a wide range of skills development, among which are imaginative problem solving, design and production. Creative ways of engaging young people in both the conceptual and practical elements ...