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  • Front Matter 

    Braund, Heather; Coombs, Andrew; Lester, Britney; MacGregor, Stephen; Soleas, Terry; Cheng, Liying (2017-03-23)
    The enclosed Selected Papers 2017 represent a quality selection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2016 Rosa Bruno-Jofré Symposium in Education (RBJSE) at Queen’s University, Faculty of Education. The RBJSE is a ...
  • Engaging adolescents in mental health discussions through young adult literature: A literature review 

    de Leon, Clarissa (2017-03-23)
    This literature review explores the potential of using young adult literature (YAL) as a vehicle for engaging adolescents in mental health discussions by viewing it through the lenses of bibliotherapy and counter-storytelling. ...
  • Schooling experiences of Arab immigrant students in Canadian high schools 

    Elkord, Nesreen (2017-03-23)
    This article sheds light on the schooling experiences of Arab immigrant and refugee high school students in the context of Canada’s cultural diversity. Canada’s diversity was described by Justin Trudeau upon his election ...
  • A review of teaching by listening 

    Peres Toledo, Tatiana (2017-03-23)
    A significant number of studies have been conducted on listening to students’ mathematical reasoning, which is commonly highlighted as one of the main features of progressive mathematics teaching. Researchers have shown ...
  • Marginal voices: Indigenous and racialized dialogue in education 

    Abawi, Zuhra (2017-03-23)
    The positioning of marginal identities (Indigenous and racialized students) in settler-colonial state education is such that solidarity and ‘allyship as resistance’ is silenced. The paper will provide an antiracist framework ...
  • Exploring the dynamic relationship between metacognition and curriculum: Suggestions for integration and implementation 

    Braund, Heather Leigh-Anne (2017-03-23)
    Metacognition is the awareness and regulation of an individual’s cognition. It has often been termed as ‘thinking about your thinking’ which is crucial for academic success. Further, students with strong metacognitive ...
  • Incremental innovation: Intrinsic motivation as a bridge between creativity and motivation literatures 

    Soleas, Eleftherios K. (2017-03-23)
    Innovation is a topic of intensive interest in business, education, society, and psychology. However, there is not a unified understanding of what motivates innovation. One model that might shed some light on the motivation ...
  • The impact of cognitive architecture and Cognitive Load Theory on classroom assessment 

    Coombs, Andrew (2017-03-23)
    While there is no shortage of evidence that teachers’ assessment practices fundamentally influence student learning and the classroom environment, few scholars have examined the impact of cognitive load theory or cognitive ...
  • Historical events 1929-1945: the stock market crash, women during WW2, Japanese Internment and the Holocaust. 

    Clyde, Marina; Dillon, Shannon; McCloskey, Quinn (2017-03-13)
    This resource pack analyzes a few of the historical events occurring during 1929-1945 using continuity and change, cause and consequence, historical significance and historical perspectives. These four lessons attempt ...
  • American History, 1877-1945 

    Houghton, Lexie; Jones, Courtney; Kinsman, Katie (2017-03-13)
    This resource package explores American History from 1877-1945, with a specific focus on curriculum strand D.2 Communities Conflict and Cooperation. Each lesson focuses on a specific expectation and covers the topics of ...
  • Canadians (1929-1945): Hard Times, Hardships, and Hard Choices: Bringing Historical Thinking Skills into Ontario Classrooms 

    Maxwell, Leah; Somerville, Heather (2017-03-13)
    This resource pack relies heavily on primary source materials to describe economic, social, and political events in Canada from 1929 - 1945. Student will assess the impact of these event on different Canadian groups in the period.

    Fawcett, Andrew; Andrejciw, Randall; Panagiotou, Nik (2017-03-13)
    Students will learn how the chain of events in American history in the post-World War II period were caused by and contributed to each other. The overall goal of this lesson is that students will gain an appreciation of ...
  • Circumstances of Evil: Hitler and the Road to World War II 

    MacNeil, Sarah; Furlano, Jessica (2017-03-13)
    Our objective is to introduce students to the preconditions of World War II in a thought-provoking manner. Using inquiry based activities within our lessons, we gradually allow for students to develop a deeper understanding ...
  • The Quiet Revolution 

    Farmer Lacombe, Benjamin; Sloane, Emily (2017-03-13)
    This resource pack contains four lesson plans all dealing with the Quiet Revolution. Each lesson is focused on a specific historical thinking concept from Peter Seixas and Tom Morton’s The Big Six in Historical Thinking. ...
  • Canada’s Great Depression 

    Farquhar, Sara; Gorzen, Jan; Sheffield, Nicole (2017-03-13)
    These lessons will touch on various aspects of the Great Depression and its effects on Canada including the cause of the stock market crash, the perspectives of the different people affected, and the ways that this ...
  • Exploring Canadian History from WWI until 1929 

    Labine, Emily; O'Krafka, Laura; Khorsandi, Alexia (2017-03-13)
    This resource pack focuses on the big six concepts of history: Historical Significance, Cause & Consequence, Evidence, Continuity & Change, Ethical Dimensions and Historical Perspectives. The resource pack targets Grade ...
  • World History since the Fifteenth Century: Tudor England 

    Zhou, Sophie; Sohn, Aleeza; Potvin, Dara (2017-03-13)
    This resource pack focuses on the internal struggles of Tudor England, particularly during the reigns of Henry VIII, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. Although a significant portion of this resource pack explores the causes, ...
  • World Histories Since The 15th Century: Communities, Conflict and Cooperation 

    Tejpal, Shawna; Morris, Evelyn; Altomare, Erica (2017-03-13)
    This resource pack contains four unique lessons that look at communities on different continents: North America, Europe, Africa. These lessons, although very different, share a common theme of looking a both world issues ...
  • The Challenge of Canadian Identity 

    Sylvester, Morgan; Fulton, Micaela (2017-03-13)
    This resource pack is an exploration of Canadian identity from 1945 and 1982, through the lens of the big six historical thinking concepts. These lessons begin by exploring the development of French-Canadian identity through ...
  • Finding a Canadian Voice: An Exploration into Untold Narratives 

    Brancato, Cora; Hennig, Melissa (2017-03-13)
    The objective of this resource pack is to give a voice to some of the lesser told narratives in Canadian history. We have selected four different stories to accomplish this. Using individuals, groups, and events we have ...

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