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      Canada. bCourt of Queen's Bench. Criminal Assises, Montreal. [1]
      Canada. Board of Agriculture. [2]
      Canada. Board of Inspectors of Asylums, Prisons, etc. [1]
      Canada. Bureau d'Agriculture. [1]
      Canada. Commission appointed to inquire into the conduct of the police authorities in the City of Quebec. [1]
      Canada. Commission of Public Works. [1]
      Canada. Commission to investigate the charges of malversation brought against the late clerk of the peace and clerk of the crown and their deputies at Montreal. [2]
      Canada. Commissioners Appointed to Report a Plan for the Better Organization of the Department of Adjutant General of Militia and the Best Means of Reorganizing the Militia of this Province. [1]
      Canada. Commissioners Appointed to Superintend the Erection of a Penitentiary in Kingston. [1]
      Canada. Commissioners appointed under the authority of the Act of the provincial Parliament la Vic., chap. 58, intituled, "An Act to provide for the indemnification of parties in Lower Canada, whose property was destroyed during the Rebellion, in the years 1837 and 1838. [1]
      Canada. Council of Public Instruction for Lower Canada. [1]
      Canada. Council of Public Instruction for Upper Canada [8]
      Canada. Court of error and appeal for Upper Canada. [1]
      Canada. Court of Queen's Bench of Upper Canada. [1]
      Canada. Crown Lands Department. [1]
      Canada. Customs and Excise. [1]
      Canada. Department of Agriculture [13]
      Canada. Department of Finance [3]
      Canada. Department of Immigration and Colonization [1]
      Canada. Department of Immigration and Colonization. [10]