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    • Education as a Political Act: Dewey, Freire and the (International Baccalaureate) Theory of Knowledge Curriculum 

      Darwish, Babor (2009-08-11)
      Active learning should be the ultimate aim of education. I argue that it is a three interrelated-step model of curriculum: one which promotes critical thinking, involves dialogue and ultimately indicates growth. It is a ...
    • Freedom and Process 

      Gelok, Ryan (2008-12-18)
      Both Hilary Bok, in “Freedom and Practical Reason,” and Robert Kane, in “Responsibility, Luck, and Chance: Reflections on Free Will and Indeterminism,” make at least implicit use of process-based accounts of deliberation ...
    • Teacher Education 

      Noddings, Nel; Whitehead, LeRoy; Martin, Andrea; Russell, Tom; Jardin, Joan; Olson, John; Johnston, James Scott (2007-06-27)
      Message from the Editors We have invited distinguished scholars and practitioners to provide us with a challenging read and the beginning of a fruitful conversation on teacher education. Not surprisingly, as Russell and ...