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    • Arts Education 

      Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; Noppe-Brandon, Scott; Elliot, Stephen; Upitis, Rena; Smithrim, Katharine; O'Farrell, Larry; Johnston, Aynne (2008-06-20)
      The Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Queen's Education Letter is on the theme "Arts Education." The issue starts off with an article by the editor, Rosa Bruno-Jofre, Queen's University titled "Rethinking Aethetics." Bruno-Jofre's ...
    • Picturing Meaning: Icelandic Students' Perceptions of their Purpose-Built School 

      Peterson, Anna (2009-09-24)
      Current trends in education and school architecture reflect a growing awareness of the interconnectedness of people and spaces. Spaces acquire meaning through the experiences of those who use them and can contribute to the ...
    • Traversing Creative Space, Transforming Higher Education: A Contemporary Curricular Vision of Teaching and Learning 

      Troop, Meagan (2013-12-05)
      The promotion of creative culture in the higher education classroom holds the potential to prepare students for their contemporary roles in an increasingly diverse and demanding modern world. A premise of this work is that ...