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    • Murine Phenotype Analyses and the Role of TRPV1 in Hypoxia 

      Yuen, Nathaniel (2012-09-08)
      The environment in which animals are maintained is a factor that has the potential to alter the physiologic phenotype. We addressed the hypothesis that the standard animal care (SAC) environment cause significant deviations ...
    • Neural Regulation in Circular Smooth Muscle of Mouse Lower Esophageal Sphincter 

      Zhang, Yong (2008-01-30)
      The lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is characterized by basal tone and appropriately timed neurogenic relaxation. The physiological mechanisms underlying these crucial LES functions remain poorly understood. The current ...
    • Vagal Integration of Cardiopulmonary Regulation 

      Domnik, Nicolle Jasmin (2015-10-01)
      Cardiopulmonary control relies on local and central integration of sensory inputs and reflex efferent signaling. Heart and lung sensors, integrators, and effectors are routinely studied in a reductionist manner to elucidate ...