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    • Irradiation induced damage in CANDU spacer material Inconel X-750 

      Zhang, He (2013-09-10)
      Inconel alloys are commonly used as structural materials in nuclear reactors. One of these alloys, the Inconel X-750, is a γ’ Ni3(Al, Ti) strengthened superalloy extensively used in the cores of reactors, such as spacers ...
    • Recipe Improvement and Mathematical Modelling of Polymer Gel Dosimeters 

      Chain, Jonathan (2011-02-03)
      A mathematical model for polymer gel dosimeters was extended to simulate the effects of radiation depth doses of various radiation beams on the mass of polymer formed. The influences of monomer diffusion and temperature ...
    • Tomographic Imaging on a Cobalt Radiotherapy Machine 

      Marsh, Matthew Brendon (2012-02-06)
      Cancer is a global problem, and many people in low-income countries do not have access to the treatment options, such as radiation therapy, that are available in wealthy countries. Where radiation therapy is available, it ...