• The Chaos of Conflict in Ancient Civilizations 

      Hoare, Graeme (2017-04-27)
      This document is a series of lessons to be taught in Grade 11 Ancient Civilizations courses. These lessons are specifically focussed on times of conflict between civilizations, including the Greco-Persian Wars, the Punic ...
    • The Cult of 'Maria Regina' in Early Medieval Rome 

      Osborne, John (2004-11-24)
      This paper examines the importance of the cult of Mary to religious practice in early medieval Rome, with a particular focus on the manifestations of devotion to Mary in the decoration of churches such as S. Maria Antiqua ...
    • Gallicization In Rome: A Study of Lexical Borrowing as Evidence for Gallo-Roman Cultural Diffusion 

      Chandler, Matthew
      Following in the footsteps of Karl Schmidt’s 1967 article, Keltisches Wortgut im Lateinischen, and J.P. Wild’s 1970, Borrowed Names for Borrowed Things?, this thesis examines a total of twenty-one Gallic lexical items that ...

      Raymond, Jillian (2018-02-08)
      Rome (as an empire and republic0 is a civilization that many students know of, even in the smallest increments, and this course pack seeks to touch on some of significant events that occurred during the existence of this ...
    • SIDERA AUGUSTA: The Role of the Stars in Augustus' Quest for Supreme Auctoritas 

      Carswell, Christopher J. A. (2009-09-16)
      Auctoritas was the foundation of Augustus' legitimacy, success, and survival in Roman politics. The necessary precondition of successfully founding political legitimacy upon auctoritas, however, was that Augustus' auctoritas ...
    • Tempietto 

      Bramante, Donato (Agnes Drobnicki, photo) (2010-02-18)