• The Chaos of Conflict in Ancient Civilizations 

      Hoare, Graeme (2017-04-27)
      This document is a series of lessons to be taught in Grade 11 Ancient Civilizations courses. These lessons are specifically focussed on times of conflict between civilizations, including the Greco-Persian Wars, the Punic ...
    • The Cult of 'Maria Regina' in Early Medieval Rome 

      Osborne, John (2004-11-24)
      This paper examines the importance of the cult of Mary to religious practice in early medieval Rome, with a particular focus on the manifestations of devotion to Mary in the decoration of churches such as S. Maria Antiqua ...
    • SIDERA AUGUSTA: The Role of the Stars in Augustus' Quest for Supreme Auctoritas 

      Carswell, Christopher J. A. (2009-09-16)
      Auctoritas was the foundation of Augustus' legitimacy, success, and survival in Roman politics. The necessary precondition of successfully founding political legitimacy upon auctoritas, however, was that Augustus' auctoritas ...
    • Tempietto 

      Bramante, Donato (Agnes Drobnicki, photo) (2010-02-18)