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    • Advanced Techniques for Robotic Assessment of Neurological Impairments In Stroke Patients 

      Tyryshkin, Kathrin (2014-09-29)
      Stroke is an acute injury of the central nervous system and is caused by the disruption of blood flow or by the rupture of blood vessels. A stroke can impact many body functions, often causing motor, speech, memory, vision ...
    • Detecting Deception in Interrogation Settings 

      Lamb, Carolyn (2012-12-18)
      Bag-of-words deception detection systems outperform humans, but are still not always accurate enough to be useful. In interrogation settings, present models do not take into account potential influence of the words in a ...

      Thomas, Stephen (2012-12-12)
      Mining Software Repositories, which is the process of analyzing the data related to software development practices, is an emerging field which aims to aid development teams in their day to day tasks. However, data in ...