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    • The Dynamical Properties of Virgo Cluster Galaxies 

      Ouellette, Nathalie N.-Q. (2013-01-04)
      By virtue of its proximity, the Virgo Cluster is an ideal laboratory for us to test our understanding of the formation of structure in our Universe. In this spirit, we present a dynamical study of 33 gas-poor and 34 gas-rich ...
    • Investigating the Spectral Energy Distribution within the Dwarf Irregular Galaxy IC 10 

      Parkin, Tara Jill (2008-09-15)
      We present new submillimetre images of the dwarf irregular galaxy IC 10, taken with the Submillimeter Bolometer Common-User Array, mounted on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. Combining this new data with archival data ...
    • Stellar Mass and Population Diagnostics of Cluster Galaxies 

      Roediger, Joel Christopher (2013-10-03)
      We conduct a broad investigation about stellar mass and population diagnostics in order to formulate novel constraints related to the formation and evolution of galaxies from a nearby cluster environment. Our work is ...