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    • Spinoza's Causal Axiom: A Defense 

      Doppelt, Torin (2010-09-20)
      In the first chapter, I examine the definitions and axioms in Part One of Spinoza's Ethics. From there, I discuss five interpretations of Spinoza's notion of `axiom' in order to strengthen our understanding of the role ...
    • Truth and Tradition in Plato and the Cambridge Platonists 

      Koffman, Jordan (2009-10-01)
      Both Plato and the Cambridge Platonists hold the view that moral knowledge depends primarily on cognitive resources which are innate to the mind. There is, nevertheless, a need for our minds to be prompted through experience ...
    • Views of Environmental Educators on Teaching Environmental Education 

      Dobrinski, Leah (2008-12-02)
      Environmental Education (EE) can play an important role in broadening learners’ understanding of their environment. This is of particular importance due to the major adverse impact we as humans are having on the environment, ...