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    • Generalisation of adaptation to a visuomotor rotation from curved to straight line reaching 

      Duncan, Jody (2009-04-22)
      Numerous studies have investigated motor learning by examining the adaptation of reaching movements to visuomotor perturbations that alter the mapping between actual and visually perceived hand position. The picture of ...
    • The Optimality of Decision Making During Motor Learning 

      Moskowitz, Joshua (2016-06-14)
      In our daily lives, we often must predict how well we are going to perform in the future based on an evaluation of our current performance and an assessment of how much we will improve with practice. Such predictions can ...

      Bramwell, Ashley (2016-10-05)
      Two novel studies examining the capacity and characteristics of working memory for object weights, experienced through lifting, were completed. Both studies employed visually identical objects of varying weight and focused ...