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    • Inline Coherent Imaging 

      Webster, Paul J. L. (2012-11-21)
      In laser materials processing, the direct measurement and characterization of material and process depth is traditionally a diffcult task. This is particularly difficult when such information needs to be obtained in real-time ...
    • Modelling Laser Light Propagation in Thermoplastics Using Monte Carlo Simulations 

      Parkinson, Alexander (2013-09-27)
      Laser welding has great potential as a fast, non-contact joining method for thermoplastic parts. In the laser transmission welding of thermoplastics, light passes through a semi-transparent part to reach the weld interface. ...
    • Optical properties of chiral thin films and microparticles 

      Becerra Carrillo, Rodrigo (2016-09-20)
      In this work I study the optical properties of helical particles and chiral sculptured thin films, using computational modeling (discrete dipole approximation, Berreman calculus), and experimental techniques (glancing angle ...