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    • Effect of Process Parameters on Deformation of Zr-2.5wt%Nb Alloy 

      Cochrane, Christopher James (2013-10-15)
      Zirconium and its alloys are used extensively in the nuclear industry. In the Canadian Deuterium Uranium reactor, the primary containment in the primary coolant system is composed of Zr-2.5wt%Nb in the form of a pressure ...
    • Lattice Strain and Texture of Plastically Deformed Zircaloy-2 at 77K 

      Judge, Colin (2009-12-07)
      Zircaloy-2 is used extensively in the nuclear industry as a structural material for the reactor core in both light and heavy water reactors. The intergranular strains and texture greatly affect the mechanical properties ...
    • A study of deformation twinning in magnesium alloy AZ31B 

      Majkut, MARTA (2013-03-12)
      Crystals with a hexagonal close-packed crystal structure are inherently anisotropic, and have a limited number of independent slip systems, which lead to strong deformation textures and reduced formability in polycrystalline ...