• Daoism and Nature 

      Miller, James (2012-06-04)
      Draft essay on Daoism and Nature for the Oxford Handbook of Religion and Ecology edited by Roger Gottlieb (Oxford University Press).
    • Daoism and Sustainable Development 

      Miller, James (2012-06-07)
      This paper examines the relationship between Daoism and sustainable development. It examines the contribution of religion to issues of sustainability in local economies and the way in which Daoist world views intersect ...
    • Ecology, Aesthetics and Daoist Body Cultivation 

      Miller, James (2012-06-04)
      he Daoist religious tradition offers a wide repertoire of body cultivation practices that focus on generating a phenomenological sensitivity to the inner body and its location within the world. These practices can be ...
    • Manifesto for a Daoist Theology of Messianic Wisdom 

      Miller, James (Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2004)
      This manifesto is an attempt to mark the theoretical foundations for a constructive Daoist theology of wisdom. It asks what the characteristics of such a theology ought to be and establishes the parameters within which ...