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    • Data and Documentation 

      Mah, Jason; Samson, Claire; McKinnon, Steve (2015-01-26)
      This data set was acquired as part of a PhD thesis entitled, Three-Dimensional Laser Imaging for Rock Mass Characterization. The image data was acquired in 3 field trials over the course of the thesis. Specifically, the ...
    • Data and Documentation 

      Hird, Myra J.; Lougheed, Scott C.; Rowe, Kerry (2016-07-06)
      The primary aims of this survey were to assess household waste management practices; participation in waste diversion practices; knowledge of local waste management politics; willingness to participate in local decision ...
    • Data Behind Walls: IT Security 

      Black, Terry (IT Services, Queen's University, 2016)
    • Data Behind Walls: Working Behind the Walls of the Statistics Canada Research Data Centres 

      Janssen, Ian (School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, 2016)
    • Data Day 2014 Report 

      Queen's University Library (2014-05-12)
      50 people registered for Data Day, representing Faculty (21), Grad students (15) and Staff (13), from a number of different departments. A feedback survey was sent out to all registered participants in July. 14 responses ...
    • Data Day 2014: Program 

      Queen's University Library (Queen's University Library, 2014)
    • Data Day 2015: Program 

      Queen's University Library (2015)
    • Data Day 2015: Report 

      Program (Queen's University Library, 2015)
    • Data Day 2016: Program 

      Program (Queen's University Library, 2016)
    • Data Day 2016: Report 

      Program (Queen's University Library, 2016)
    • Data Files 

      McInnis, Marvin (2001)
      This dataset provides data on the gross national product, population of Canada, government expenditures on goods and services, exports and imports of goods and services, government of Canada Bond yields, non-residential ...
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      Bala, Nicholas; Wheeler, Andrea; Paetsch, Joanne; Bertrand, Lorne (2013-03-27)
      Canadian relocation cases (where one parent wants to relocate with a child following a separation) reported in English from 2001 to the beginning of 2011 (738 in total) were identified and analyzed. Despite the fact-driven ...
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      Green, Alan; Baldwin, John (1994)
      This study matches Canadian and US manufacturing industries at the 2-digit SIC code level for census years 1900 to 1940. Canadian figures start at 1870. Only general figures were recorded, such as: number of employees, ...
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      Ossenberg, Nancy (2013-04-04)
      A database of cranial nonmetric data representing the Arctic and Northwestern North America as well as Northeast Asia, Eurasia, Africa, and the South Pacific.
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      Surveillance Studies Centre (Surveillance Studies Centre, 2006)
      The Globalization of Personal Data (GPD) was an international, multi-disciplinary and collaborative research initiative drawing mainly on the social sciences but also including information, computing, technology studies ...
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      Zaraiskaya, Tatiana; Cooper, Alexandra; Moon, Jeff; Murphy, Sharon; Saleh, Nasser (2016-09-23)
      In order to become better prepared to support Research Data Management (RDM) practices in sciences and engineering, Queen’s University Library, together with the University Research Services, conducted a research study of ...
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      Ochej, Derek (2015-11-11)
      Purpose of the data was to gather information on resident preferences for different methods to increase the diversion of household waste from landfill. Data was used to report to Kingston City Council on preferred options ...
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      Zaraiskaya, Tatiana; Cooper, Alexandra; Berish, Francine; Druery, Jackie; Heil, Jeremy; Moon, Jeff (2017-04-19)
      In order to become better prepared to support Research Data Management (RDM) practices in social sciences, humanities, policy studies, business, law, and education, Queen’s University Library, together with the University ...
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      AECOM Canada Ltd.; City of Kingston. Engineering Department (2016-02-05)
      For the 2008 Kingston Household Travel Survey, participants were asked questions about all trips made on the previous day by each household member over the age of fifteen, using any mode of transportation. Walking, cycling, ...
    • Data FIles 

      Collins, Patricia; Agarwal, Ajay (2017-06-01)
      There is emerging research on the connections between health and active commuting, and on the opportunities presented for active commuting by public transit ridership. In September 2013, the City of Kingston implemented a ...