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  • Canada at War 1939-1945 

    Sequeria, Josh; Apokatanidis, Apostolos Paul (2015-04-25)
    This resource pack will help students uncover a multitude of historical perspectives from Canadians during WWII. Through utilizing the six historical thinking concepts, students will be exposed to the true nature of World ...
  • Aboriginal Peoples of Canada Explored through the Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts 

    Godin, Neil; Stott, Ethan (2015-04-25)
    The intent of this resource package is for it be to be used in the Canada: History, Identity and Culture Grade 12 University Preparation (CHI 4U) course to help teach The Big Six Historical Thinking concepts (Seixas and ...
  • Canadian History 1945-1982: A Collection of Lessons Covering Important Topics of Post-WW2 Canada 

    Contos, Shelby; Swinamer, Nils (2015-04-25)
    This resource pack includes six lessons pertaining to Canadian history during the time period following the end of World War II and through to the creation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The precise times ...
  • Canadian History Since World War I 

    Winter, Mollie; Kukoly, Sarah; Bedell, Stephanie (2015-04-25)
    This resource pack offers an exploration of the six historical thinking concepts through the lens of popular arts and culture in Canada from 1914-1929. Each lesson explores a specific historical thinking concept, with ...
  • Canada from 1945 to 1982 

    Huot, Carolyne; Tranquilli-Doherty, Rebecca (2015-04-25)
    Have students explore the period between the Second World War and the Constitution Act of 1982. Within this period, students will be able to understand the significance of political and governmental events as well as the ...
  • Canadian Immigration: The Immediate and Long-term Effects of Immigration since Confederation 

    Kapteyn, Kari; Stanford, Kathleen; Heron, Emily (2015-04-25)
    The goal of the resource pack is to provide educators with a set of comprehensive, engaging, and accessible lesson plans focused on 19th and 20th century Canadian immigration, developed through the lens of the historical ...
  • The Causes of the First World War and Its Effect on Canada 

    Rubbini, Melanie; Desousa, Mark; Reilly, Sarah (2015-04-25)
    Lesson #1: The goal is for students to understand how historical significance is constructed. With a look at the Battle of Vimy Ridge, students will understand the different factors that make this World War I event ...

    Petrie, Christina (2015-04-25)
    The objectives of these lessons are for students to explore and develop historical inquiry skills when studying conflicts within Canada that will permeate into continuous evaluation and inquiry into current day events ...
  • World History: The West and the World 

    Ash, Mackenzie; Sherman, Laura (2015-04-25)
  • The Great War 1914-1918 

    Warner, Melissa; MacLean, Nathan (2015-04-25)
    Key events and focuses of World War One centered around the big six historical thinking concepts; Lessons include identifying evidence, comparing and contrasting documentation, creating a propaganda poster, identifying ...
  • Exploring Historical Thinking Concepts through the Second World War 

    Grieve, Madigan; Williams, Morgan (2015-04-25)
    Our history unit explores how Canada was affected by the Second World War, and how the lives of various groups in Canada were changed. Each lesson focuses on a specific historical thinking concept as a means to fully grasp ...

    Macaulay, Dan; Norman, Josh; Wartman, Casey (2015-04-25)
    This research package is specifically targeting the Grade 10 Academic History Course CHC210 with the specific expectation B2.3 explored through the lens of the Winnipeg General Strike. This goal was accomplished using ...
  • Current Canadian Issues Explored through a Historical Lens 

    Bartholomew, Maria J.; Howes, John D. (2015-04-25)
    Lesson 1: (p.1-11) The History of Canadian Hockey and its Reflection of Canadian Nationalism and Identity. (Students will develop an understanding of the relationship between monumental historical hockey events and the ...
  • Origins of World War Two 

    Robertson, Matthew (2015-04-25)
  • Canadian Identity Explored Through the Big 6 Historical Concepts! 

    Dale, Amberly; Maillet, Colleen; Rowden, Dylan (2015-04-25)
    This'resource'pack'presents'six'potential'lesson'plans'to'use'for'examining' Canadian'identity.'' • Historical'Significance:'This'lesson'explores'the'significance'of'primary'sources'that' may'form'our'understanding'of ...

    Frise, Laura; LeBland, Shelby; Lovell, Doug (2015-04-25)
    The purpose of this resource pack is to provide the teacher with all of the lesson plans and tools to use in a classroom environment and educate the students on a specific expectation from the Ontario History Curriculum. ...
  • Canada: A Woman’s Nation? 

    Soave, Virginia (2015-04-25)
    These six lesson plans focus on the continuous and broad question of the role of women in Canadian History and, moreover, whether Canada ‘is a woman’s nation?’ These lessons will cover the time frame from 1945 to present ...
  • Grade 10 Canadian History Since World War I, Academic (CHC2D) Resource Pack 

    Cathcart, Jordan; Macdonald, Rebecca; McCartney, Allison; Shannon, Vince (2015-04-25)
  • Canada and the Great War 

    Rochon, Marcel; Minutillo, Lisa; Sheahan, Ryan (2015-04-25)
    The following resource pack offers six lessons (and activities within these lessons which may be use independently) that focus on specific historical thinking skills that will foster students' historical mindedness. The ...
  • Canada and the Holocaust 

    Pitblado, Michael (2015-04-25)
    The lessons in this resource pack are not meant to be taught as a complete unit, but rather as stand-alone lessons that can be utilized CHC2D. The objective is for students to gain a critical understanding of Nazi Germany’s ...

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