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    • 4 reasons for buying Victory Bonds 

      Unknown (1914-1918)
      4 / Reasons / for buying / VICTORY BONDS | WP 12
    • Adoration of the Magi 

      Andrea della Robbia, attributed to
      Despite being excuted in cold-painted terracotta, rather than his trademark glazed terracotta, this sculptural group, along with the Nativity group made for the niche opposite in the Cappella della Madonna of the Cathedral ...
    • Aerial view of Queen's University 

      McCarthy Aero Service Ltd. (1920)
      1 photograph
    • All Canada your security 

      Unknown (1914-1918)
      ALL CANADA / your SECURITY| The full faith / and Credit of / EVERY Canadian / is behind YOUR / purchase of / VICTORY BONDS | W P 12
    • Analysis of Evidence from Core Sample Fractures in Stewardson Lake Uranium Prospect 

      Geranmayeh Kashani, Behrouz (Bruce) (2016-07-25)
      This study was performed to characterize evidence of potential unconformity-type U mineralizing fluids in drill core fractures from the Stewardson Lake prospect, in the Athabasca Basin, located in Northern Saskatchewan and ...
    • Angel? 

      unknown artist
      This fragmentary statue in the Casa Museo di Rodolfo Siviero was a part of a group of 11 terracotta works in Siviero's collection that formed a crèche scene. (A fragmentary sculpture of St. Joseph from the same group is ...
    • Angels 

      unknown Sienese artist
      This pair of painted wood kneeling angels originally served in the fifteenth century as candleholders, probably on an altar in a church. They are surrently housed in the Casa Museo Rodolfo Siviero in Florence. Photograph(s) ...
    • Angels Adoring the Eucharist 

      Andrea della Robbia, Workshop of
      This glazed terracotta relief, attributed to the workshop of Andrea della Robbia in the late fifteenth century, was originally the predella of an altarpiece. As a predella, the glazed terracotta chalice with the consecrated ...
    • Angels in Flight 

      Giovanni della Robbia
      These two glazed terracotta angels, found today in the Museo Bandini in Fiesole, are thought to have been part of a larger group, now lost, that may have included the dove of the Holy Spirit (as rays of heavenly light are ...
    • Angels with the Pandolfini Coat of Arms 

      Andrea della Robbia, Workshop of
      In this lunette on the façade of San Paolino in Florence, angels hold up a garland, which frames the Pandolfini coat of arms (three dolphins on a blue ground). The three coats of arms above are those of Pope Leo X, Cardinal ...
    • Annunciate Angel 

      Andrea Pisano
      This wood statue of the Angel Gabriel, generally attributed to Andrea Pisano, was originally in the the Convento di San Matteo and is currently housed in the Museo di San Matteo in Pisa. It is datable to Andrea's documented ...
    • Annunciate Angel 

      unknown Lucchese artist
      This painted wood sculpture of the angel Gabriel in the act of giving the Annunciation (in Santi Paolino e Donato in Lucca) has been attributed to an unknown Lucchese artist and dated to the late trecento or early quattrocento ...
    • Annunciate Angel 

      Lupo di Francesco
      This painted wood sculpture of the Angel Gabriel was originally paired with one of the Virgin Mary, making an Annunciation. This is an early example (c. 1330) of this type of sculpture, which was popular across Tuscany ...
    • Annunciate Virgin 

      unknown artist
      This painted wood sculpture of the Virgin Annunciate (from Santa Maria del Carmine, Pisa, and now in the Museo di San Matteo, Pisa) has been attributed to an artist that scholars call the Maestro di Montefoscoli, because ...
    • Annunciate Virgin 

      Francesco di Valdambrino
      This poorly statue in the Museo di San Matteo in Pisa is missing the left arm and part of the right, and only has polychrome partially preserved on the face and neck. Bare wood, stucco, and what look like worm holes attest ...
    • Annunciate Virgin 

      Matteo Civitali
      This painted wood sculpture of the Annunciate Virgin was originally paired with a statue of the Angel Gabriel, to make an Annunciation. Not only has that other statue been lost, but this one was radically refashioned at a ...
    • Annunciate Virgin 

      Andrea della Robbia and Workshop
      This glazed terracotta statue (in San Pietro, Radicofani) was originally paired with a statue of the Angel Gabriel, making an Annunciation. Andrea della Robbia and his workshop made several such Annunciation pairs for ...
    • Annunciate Virgin (or a saint) 

      Tommaso Pisano
      This painted wood sculpture has been attributed to Tommaso Pisano, because of its similarity to known works by the artist. It was made for the Convent of San Matteo in Pisa and is now in the Museo di San Matteo. This could ...
    • Annunciation 

      Andrea della Robbia
      Andrea della Robbia made these glazed terracotta statues of the Annunciate Virgin and the Angel Gabriel to flank the high altar in the Osservanza in Siena. Andrea also created an altarpiece and two roundels of saints for ...
    • Annunciation 

      unknown Sienese artist
      These two painted wood sculptures, which once formed an Annunciation, have suffered extensive damage. Gabriel has lost the left arm and some fingers on the right, as well as wings, but Mary has suffered more drastically, ...