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    • Ancient Egypt and the Crusades: Journals, Timelines, Narratives, and Speeches (Oh My) 

      Wong, Yannick; Paupst, Wesley (2018-02-08)
      The primary objective of this Gr. 11 kit is to facilitate student-centred learning that explores primary source documents in order to improve understanding of specific historical eras. The first lesson seeks to expand ...
    • Ancient Greece: Politics, Religion, and Mythology 

      Docherty, Kait; Ciraco, Alessandra (2018-02-08)
      This is a series of lessons designed to be taught in a Grade 11 University/College World History: Ancient Civilizations class with specific attention on politics and religion in Ancient Greece including the City-States, ...
    • Annual Calendar 

      Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.). Faculty of Education (Queen's University. Faculty of Education, 1910)
      Queen's University, Faculty of Education course calendars, 1910-1920.

      Gardhouse, Jacob; Hanlan, Camille; Hellmann, Dayna; Westecott, Lauren (2018-02-08)
      This resource pack explores the First World War while focusing on the historical thinking concepts of historical perspectives, the ethical dimension, evidence, and historical significance. The first lesson examines primary ...
    • Canada during the Great Depression 

      Anoushka, Irani; Kenney, Clare (2018-02-08)
      This resource package has been created to engage students in learning Canadas Great depression. Students will explore the stock market crash, cases of the great depression, key political developments and scientific and ...

      McGill, Allison (2018-02-08)
      The events of the Cold War (1945-1991) touched every part of Canada, from East to West and North to South. Although discussions about the Cold War are often limited to the events and political players of the United States ...
    • Canadian People’s History During the Depression and WW2 

      Germann, Kassy; Howarth, Katie (2018-02-08)
      The objective of this resource pack is to facilitate student learning of the impacts of the Great Depression and World War II on Canadian citizens. Lesson one focuses on the economic strains on families during the Great ...

      Shaughnessy, Liam; Stein, Austin (2018-02-08)
      This resource package explores the continuing struggles for civil rights in the United States in the post-1960s era. Specific attention will be drawn to a variety of civil rights struggles that remain relevant to the ...
    • Controversial Canada 1945 - Present 

      Holmes, Kayla; Ivens, Greg; Kirby, Heather; Taylor, Brandi (2018-02-08)
      This resource pack looks at the social, cultural and political events that have shaped Canada from 1945 to the present. The lessons look at major events that have shaped our perspective of Canada today. Each lesson takes ...

      Graham, Kayleigh (2018-02-08)
      This resource package provides lesson plans, primary source documents, and a variety of tools for teaching historical thinking concepts with regards to residential schools, Chinese immigration, the Group of Seven, and ...
    • ENSC 200: Global Environmental History 

      Varty, John F. (2005-03-11)
      ENSC200* Global Environmental History. Course syllabus & readings
    • ENSC 201: Environmental Toxicology and Chemical Risks 

      Welbourn, Pamela; Hodson, Peter Vernon; Jamieson, Heather Edith; Winn, Louise M. (2005-03-11)
      ENSC 201* Environmental Toxicology and Chemical Risks. Course Outline, Notes, Handouts
    • ENSC 203: Explorations in Environmental Studies 

      Brown, Stephen; Goebel, Allison (2005-03-14)
      ENSC 203* EXPLORATIONS IN ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES. Course Outlines, Notes, Handouts
    • ENSC 290: Introduction to Ecological Economics 

      Keay, Ian (2005-03-14)
      ENSC 290* Introduction to Ecological Economics. Course Outlines, Notes, Handouts
    • ENSC 305: Environmental Sociology 

      Krajnc, Anita (2005-03-14)
      ENSC 305* ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIOLOGY. Course Outlines, Notes, Handouts
    • ENSC 310: Environmental Policy 

      Andrew, John S. (2005-03-14)
      ENSC 310* ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY. Course Outlines, Notes, Handouts
    • ENSC 315: Global Food Security, Agriculture & Environment 

      Blay-Palmer, Alison (2005-03-14)
      ENSC 315* GLOBAL FOOD SECURITY, AGRICULTURE & ENVIRONMENT. Course Outlines, Notes, Handouts
    • ENSC 320: Wildlife Issues in a Changing World 

      Kristensen, Dale Robert (2005-03-14)
      ENSC 320* WILDLIFE ISSUES IN A CHANGING WORLD. Course Outlines, Notes, Handouts
    • ENSC 371: Environmental Analysis Methods 

      Brown, Stephen; Rutter, Allison (2005-03-14)
      ENSC 371* ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS METHODS. Course Outlines, Notes, Handouts
    • ENSC 390: Sustainability 

      van Loon, Gary (2005-03-14)
      ENSC 390* SUSTAINABILITY. Course Outlines, Notes, Handouts