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    Search Hedge for South Asian Diaspora population
    Ross-White, Amanda; Gupta, Nikita; Rana, Gurpreet
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    The Importance of Copyright and Shared Norms for Credit in Open Educational Resources
    (Frontiers Media, 2023-01-04) Norris, Meghan; Swartz, Mark; Kuhlmeier, Valerie
    Open Educational Resources (OER) are reducing barriers to education while allowing creators the opportunity to share their work with the world and continue owning copyright of their work. To support new authors and adaptors in the OER space, we provide an overview of common considerations that creators and adaptors of OER should make with respect to issues related to copyright in the context of OER. Further, and importantly, a challenge in the OER space is ensuring that original creators receive appropriate credit for their work, while also respecting the credit of those who have adapted work. Thus, in addition to providing important considerations when it comes to the creation of open access works, we propose shared norms for ensuring appropriate attribution and credit for creators and adaptors of OER.
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    Controlled Digital Lending of Library Books in Canada
    de Castell, Christina; Dickison, Joshua; Mau, Trish; Swartz, Mark; Tiessen, Robert; Wakaruk, Amanda; Winter, Christina
    This paper explores legal considerations for how libraries in Canada can lend digital copies of books. It is an adaptation of "A Whitepaper on Controlled Digital Lending of Library Books" by David R. Hansen and Kyle K. Courtney, and draws heavily on this source in its content, with the permission of the authors. Our paper considers the legal and policy rationales for the process—“controlled digital lending”—in Canada, as well as a variety of risk factors and practical considerations that can guide libraries seeking to implement such lending, with the intention of helping Canadian libraries to explore controlled digital lending in our own Canadian legal and policy context. Our goal is to help libraries and their lawyers become better informed about controlled digital lending as an approach, offer the basis of the legal rationale for its use in Canada, and suggest situations in which this rationale might be strongest.
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    The Public Domain and Libraries: History, Contexts, Threats and Opportunities
    (De Gruyter Saur) Brin, Lise; Swartz, Mark
    This chapter provides an introduction to the history and philosophical justifications for the existence of the public domain in copyright legislation around the world, with a primary focus on common law jurisdictions. It discusses expanded definitions of the public domain that have been proposed in the literature and examines current and evolving threats to the public domain. The intersection of libraries with the public domain is examined, specifically libraries’ roles in collecting, preserving, sharing, and defending the ever-expanding body of knowledge. Issues related to other types of organizations committed to upholding the public domain, all in the name of public interest, are explored. Some attention is given to Indigenous and traditional knowledge areas with the growing recognition that they have not been well served by copyright law.