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    A systematic review of outcomes after salvage abdominoperineal resection for persistent or recurrent anal squamous cell cancer
    (2019-01-28) Ko, G.; Sarkaria, A.; Merchant, S. J.; Booth, C. M.; Patel, S. V.
    Aim Up to 30% of patients with squamous cell cancer of the anus (SCCA) will require a salvage abdominoperineal resection (APR) for either persistent or recurrent disease. The objective of this study was to assess cancer-related outcomes in patients with (i) persistent or (ii) recurrent SCCA. Method Embase and MEDLINE were searched. Publications were included if they assessed overall survival (OS), disease-free survival (DFS) and locoregional recurrence or metastatic disease after salvage APR for persistent or recurrent SCCA. Results A total of 28 retrospective case series (study size ranged from nine to 111) met our inclusion criteria. The median time to salvage APR was 2.6 months [interquartile range (IQR) 2.6–5.0 months, six studies] for persistent disease and 27.6 months (IQR 15.0–32.7 months, five studies) for recurrent disease. The median 5-year OS from the time of salvage APR was 45.0% (IQR 32.0%–52.3%, 10 studies) for persistent disease and 51.0% (IQR 36.0%–60.9%, 11 studies) for recurrent disease. The median 5-year DFS following salvage APR was 44.0% (IQR 29.5%–53.0%, 10 studies) for all patients. Following salvage APR, the median locoregional recurrence rate was 23.5% (IQR 15.8%– 46.9%, 19 studies) and 9.0% (IQR 6.4%–13.3%, 16 studies) of patients developed metastatic disease after salvage APR. Conclusion Our review characterizes the best evidence for outcomes following salvage APR for patients with persistent or recurrent SCCA. The evidence is limited by the quality of included studies, as many were single centre case series.