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    Canada during the Great Depression
    (2018-02-08) Anoushka, Irani; Kenney, Clare
    This resource package has been created to engage students in learning Canadas Great depression. Students will explore the stock market crash, cases of the great depression, key political developments and scientific and technological advancements in the 1930s. Each lesson included various types of student engagement and assessment while incorporating the Ontario curriculum and concepts of historical thinking.
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    (2018-02-08) Shaughnessy, Liam; Stein, Austin
    This resource package explores the continuing struggles for civil rights in the United States in the post-1960s era. Specific attention will be drawn to a variety of civil rights struggles that remain relevant to the modern day. This package is intended for history educators to use with their students in the Ontario American History, Grade 11, Academic (CHA3U) course. Students will be able to critically analyze primary documents in order to glean insight into specific civil rights issues that have persisted in the United States. Each lesson in this package will explore a specific civil rights movement and do so through the lens of the Big Six Historical Thinking concepts. The civil rights movements that are explored in this lesson package are LGBT rights movements, African-American rights movements, Native American rights movements and gender equity movements. As there are a variety of organizations pledging allegiance to each umbrella movement, these lessons will focus on the broader movement, rather than one specific element or group. Each movement will be presented and explored in a unique fashion which draws on primary sources unique to each. Students will engage in activities that help them to gain a broader understanding of the trajectory of these civil rights movements.
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    Controversial Canada 1945 - Present
    (2018-02-08) Holmes, Kayla; Ivens, Greg; Kirby, Heather; Taylor, Brandi
    This resource pack looks at the social, cultural and political events that have shaped Canada from 1945 to the present. The lessons look at major events that have shaped our perspective of Canada today. Each lesson takes a look at a different major event through the perspective of minority groups. The lessons focus on women’s rights and the rights of the LGBTQ community. Students will investigate the different events through primary evidence and develop their own opinions of controversial topics. Students will then be able to use their knowledge of these events and understand how they are connected to the world at large. Students will apply the different Historical Thinking Concepts to each lesson, focusing on one for each topic to enhance their historical inquiry skills.
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    (2018-02-08) Gardhouse, Jacob; Hanlan, Camille; Hellmann, Dayna; Westecott, Lauren
    This resource pack explores the First World War while focusing on the historical thinking concepts of historical perspectives, the ethical dimension, evidence, and historical significance. The first lesson examines primary sources coming from many points of view regarding the context associated with the causes of World War One. In lesson 2, students will study the ethical issues surrounding the use and effectiveness of propaganda in the First World War. In this third lesson students will think critically on how we can use primary sources to gain evidence about historical settings, moments, and people. To introduce the idea that history is constructed from traces of the past, students will analyze their own lives. The Fourth lesson teaches the “myth” of Vimy Ridge and encourages students to understand the various perspectives surrounding this battle and to understand why these perspectives have emerged. Students will also learn how Vimy Ridge was used to build Canadian identity.
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    (2018-02-08) Raymond, Jillian
    Rome (as an empire and republic0 is a civilization that many students know of, even in the smallest increments, and this course pack seeks to touch on some of significant events that occurred during the existence of this civilization. In particular, these lesson focus of Rome’s trajectory from its small beginnings to a major world power and, eventually, an empire. Students will investigate, through primary and secondary sources, how Rome and its people understood its development and the impact it had in the years to come. Students will be challenged with contrasting points of view about famous figures, and different accounts of events in order to develop skills to assess and organize history written by its people. They will use secondary sources and discussions with classmates and teacher to unpack the primary sources and evaluate how these works contribute to people’s understanding of these events and where to place them on the world stage. Topics of study include: the roman mythologies, the Punic wars, Julius Caesar, and the second triumvirate. Each topic focuses on at least one aspect of historical thinking to guide student thinking as they delve into these historical topics.