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Inter-professional education (IPE) requires a different pedagogical approach and skill set than what is traditionally used for uni-professional education. While there has been tremendous interest in IPE expressed among faculty at Queen’s, it was recognized that there were not enough faculty with adequate training to effectively coordinate, plan and deliver IPE for learners within the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Inter-Professional Teaching and Learning (IPTL) program was developed to address this need by providing an inter-professional (IP) group of educators the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement effective IPE for students. The IP group of participants learned with, from and about one another, as they explored the scope of their curricula and pedagogical issues faced in order to develop a shared vision of IPE and to foster educational partnerships. To meet these goals, this program incorporated a balance of theory and experiential learning and integrated a variety of teaching methods to enhance collaboration, reflection and application of knowledge and skills."


Participants were from various educational settings and represented eight professions including Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Nursing, Medicine, Social Work, Speech and Language Pathology, Psychology and Art Therapy. The program consisted of three modules and one final presentation session. Throughout the program, participants applied knowledge and skills gained to collaboratively develop IPE projects directly related to their teaching responsibilities. A final presentation of the IPE projects to invited guests from Queen’s University and the Kingston Health Care community took place on September 19th, 2007. The presentations from this evening are posted here on this site.

If you are interested in hearing more about this program or future offerings, please contact Christine Chapman, Education Coordinator for the QUIPPED Project at chapmanc@queensu.ca, or (613) 533-6000 ext. 74750."



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