School of Rehabilitation Therapy Critically Appraised Topics in Rehabilitation Therapy (CATS)

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CATs are brief summaries of a search and critical appraisal of literature related to a focused clinical question. The CATs at this site were prepared by graduate students in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy as a major assignment in their Evidence Based Practice (OT/PT 892*) course."


CATs provide a quick and easy reference to use as a starting point for making clinical decisions regarding best practice or for updating searches for newer, better evidence. It is important to note that CATs are subject to bias since there is no formal review process. As a result, the rigour of the search, appraisal and application of the evidence contained in CATs is variable. The aims of this collection of CATs are twofold: 1) to illustrate a strategy for honing the skills required by evidence based rehabilitation therapists; and 2) to communicate “clinical bottom lines” related to clinical questions and scenarios relevant to Occupational and Physical Therapy practice. To add value to this educational exercise, we welcome your feedback and contributions to this collection of CATs:"



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