Canada: A Woman’s Nation?

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Soave, Virginia
These six lesson plans focus on the continuous and broad question of the role of women in Canadian History and, moreover, whether Canada ‘is a woman’s nation? These lessons will cover the time frame from 1945 to present day. As this topic is still being expanded on in Canadian society and globally, students are fully engaging with historical material as a vessel in which to think critically about women in Canada today and their role in changing history. For all six lesson plans students will constantly be reflecting on the question ‘Is Canada a Woman’s Nation?’ Through this question students will be able to: Compare and contrast Canadian women and women’s issues from the past and present. Analysis the ethical treatment of women in the last century, including minority groups such as Aboriginal women and lesbian women. Locate and understand the historical significance of women in Canadian society as well as key events that led to this significance. Understand and reflect on the causes of many social issues surrounding Canadian women in the past and discern the consequence of these issues to the present day. Interpret multiple perspectives on major events for Canadian women in history and develop their own perspectives. Compare evidence on major issues for Canadian women in history and identify the importance of this evidence in shaping women’s history.
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