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    • Roles of Physical and Mental Health in Suicidal Ideation in Canadian Armed Forces Regular Force Veterans 

      Thompson, James M.; Zamorski, Mark A.; Sweet, Jill; VanTil, Linda; Sareen, Jitender; Pietrzak, Robert H.; Hopman, Wilma H.; MacLean, Mary Beth; Pedlar, David (2014)
      OBJECTIVES: Suicide in recent veterans is an international concern. An association between mental disorders and suicide has been established, but lessinformation is available about an association between physical health ...
    • Spirituality and Moral Injury Among Military Personnel: A Mini-Review 

      Bremault-Phillips, Suzette; Pike, Ashley; Scarcella, Francesca; Cherwick, Terry (2019)
      Introduction: Moral injury (MI) results when military personnel are exposed to morally injurious events that conflict with their values and beliefs. Given the complexity of MI and its physical, emotional, social, and ...
    • Suicide in Canadian Veterans Living in Ontario: a Retrospective Cohort Study Linking Routinely Collected Data 

      Mahar, Alyson L.; Aiken, Alice B.; Whitehead, Marlo; Tien, Homer; Cramm, Heidi; Fear, Nicola T.; Kurdyak, Paul (2019)
      Objectives: To compare the risk of death by suicide in male veterans with age-matched civilians. Design: Retrospective cohort study linking provincial administrative databases between 1990 and 2013 with follow-up ...
    • Toward a Model of Military Family Resiliency: A Narrative Review 

      Cramm, Heidi; Norris, Deborah; Venedam, Stephanie; Tam-Seto, Linna (2018)
      Over the years, the construct of resilience has been increasing in complexity, indicated by the lack of consensus in its definition, operationalization, and measurement. Resiliency in military families is of particular ...
    • Trauma Exposure and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in the Canadian Military 

      Brunet, Alain; Monson, Eva; Liu, Aihua; Fikretoglu, Deniz (2019-11-15)
      Objective: To estimate the lifetime prevalence of trauma exposure and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among a representative, active military sample, and to identify demographic and military variables that modulate ...
    • War and Family Life 

      Cramm, Heidi; Norris, Deborah (2018-05-17)
      Book review for War and Family Life; the latest in Springer's Risk and Resilience in Military and Veteran Families series.