• The State of Military Families in Canada: A Scoping Review 

      Manser, Lynda (2020-04-30)
      For some families, the military way of life fosters close social support networks and adaptability. For others, the stresses and strains resulting from military operational requirements are challenging. Canadian Forces ...
    • Trends in suicidal behaviour and use of mental health services in Canadian military and civilian populations 

      Sareen, Jitender; Afifi, Tracie O.; Taillieu, Tamara; Cheung, Kristene; Turner, Sarah; Bolton, Shay-Lee; Erickson, Julie; Stein, Murray B.; Fikretoglu, Deniz; Zamorski, Mark A. (2016-05-24)
      Background: In the context of the Canadian mission in Afghanistan, substantial media attention has been placed on mental health and lack of access to treatment among Canadian Forces personnel. We compared trends in the ...
    • War and Family Life 

      Cramm, Heidi; Norris, Deborah (2018-05-17)
      Book review for War and Family Life; the latest in Springer's Risk and Resilience in Military and Veteran Families series.