Recent Submissions

  • Public Banks and Covid-19: Combatting the Pandemic With Public Finance 

    McDonald, David A.; Marois, Thomas; Barrowclough, Diana (Municipal Services Project (Kingston); United Nations Commission on trade and Development (Geneva), 2020-11-01)
    Covid-19 has dealt a devastating economic blow around the world. From individuals who can no longer afford to pay for food, to SMEs unable to cover their rent, to national governments struggling with their balance of ...
  • Public Water and Covid-19: Dark Clouds and Silver Linings 

    McDonald, David A.; Spronk, Susan J.; Chavez, Daniel (Municipal Services Project (Kingston); Transnational Institute (Amsterdam), 2020-10-20)
    Covid-19 has once again demonstrated the significance of safe, accessible and affordable water for all. It has also highlighted enormous disparities in service provision while at the same time dealing a blow to public water ...
  • Positive Youth Development in Aboriginal Physical Activity 

    Bruner, Mark William; Hillier, Sean; Baillie, Colin P. T.; Lavalee, Lynn F.; Bruner, Brenda G.; Hare, Katharine; Lovelace, Robert; Lévesque, Lucie (2015-12-07)
    Physical activity and, more specifically, sport, can positively impact the body, mind, heart, and spirit of Aboriginal youth. Despite enthusiasm for these benefits, there is a paucity of published information reviewing the ...