From Content to Concept: Thinking Historically in the Elementary Classroom

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Veryzer, Michael
historical thinking , elementary
In a little more than a century Canadian history and social studies education has faced a barrage of questions that has complicated its delivery in schools. Questions about the purpose of social studies, whose history should be taught and how it should be taught have clouded what the purpose of social studies and history education should be. The current project has employed historical thinking (specifically Seixas and Morton’s six historical thinking concepts) as a lens for teaching social studies and history. Students will engage in activity meant to develop habits of mind, namely understandings of historical perspective, historical significance, continuity and change, cause and consequence, use of primary sources and the ethical dimension of history. The goal is participation in a classroom inquiry, wherein students will collaboratively construct a timeline of Canadian history. Each entry will be determined as significant to Canadian narrative by students, and will be evaluated through one or several thinking concepts.
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