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    • Riche-Covington Finding Aid 

      Special Collections Staff (1984)
      The Riche-Covington Collection includes correspondence, conference proceedings, technical papers by Covington and other researchers, an extensive photograph collection, scrapbooks, broadsides, as well as contemporary ...
    • Ol' Medical Colouring Book 

      Kane, Carolyn; Edwards, Brendan; Roy, Angelique (Queen's Univesity Library, 2022-11)
      This colouring book has been created for the purpose of a stress relief activity for students during exam periods, or any stressful time. Tips to support your mental health are interspersed throughout. All the sources used ...
    • Future Female: women of early sci-fi and pulps 

      McDevitt, Kelly; Edwards, Brendan (Queen's Univesity Library, 2022-10)
      Science fiction emerged as a full-fledged genre in the early 20th century in specialized magazines, known as the "pulps" for their cheap wood pulp paper. It was a genre defined by male editors and writers who held immense ...
    • Like the Petit Point, a bookwork by Lise Melhorn-Boe, based on the poem of the same name by Bronwen Wallace 

      Melhorn-Boe, Lise; Heiss, Ella; Edwards, Brendan; Wallace, Bronwen (Lise Melhorn-Boe, 2022)
      Like the Petit Point, a bookwork by Lise Melhorn-Boe, based on the poem of the same name by Bronwen Wallace. The book is open to a two-page spread; the page on the left feature a montage of a line from the poem with images ...
    • Gothic Fantasy Collection finding aid 

      W.D. Jordan Rare Books and Special Collections, Staff (2020)
      Listing of uncatalogued items in the Gothic Fantasy Collection.
    • Queen's Refuge : refugees and the university : September 25 - November 26 : W.D. Jordan Rare Books & Special Collections at Queen's University Library 

      Steinberg, Swen; Edwards, Brendan; Zelle, Megan; KingHill, Nicholas; Leavitt, Aerin; Home, Heather (Queen's Univesity Library, 2021)
      "This exhibition examines stories of forced migration in the history of Queen's University and within the Queen's community. It reflects the diverse trajectories of those who sought refuge. Some found sanctuary at Queen's ...
    • Queen's College Library Holdings 

      Queen's University Libraries (2022)
    • Mazo de la Roche Collection 

      Unknown author (2022)
    • Lambo Collection on the History of Medicine: finding aid 

      Queen's University Libraries (1979-06-27)
    • Sitting in circle 

      De Line, Sebastian; Martínez, Iván; INDG301-001, Students (Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures. Indigenous Studies, 2020)
      Welcome to our circle, in the form of the inaugural issue of the Sitting in Circle zine... produced by students of INDG301-001: Contemporary Indigenous Art in the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures at Queen's ...
    • Landing page text 

      Steinberg, Swen (2021-05-25)
    • Luciuk suitcase 

      Steinberg, Swen (2021-05-25)
    • In Memoriam: Arthur E. Covington, Canada's Pioneer Radio Astronomer 

      Special Collections staff (2001-03)
      Arthur E. Covington, a donor of the Riche-Covington Collection to Queen's Libraries, passed away recently. In his honour, the staff of Queen's W.D. Jordan Special Collections and Music Library have put together a modest ...
    • Ink Paper Lead, Board Leather Thread 

      Special Collections staff (2002-03)
      An exhibition of hand-printed books and fine bindings presented by The Loving Society of Letterpress Printers and The Binders of Infinite Love The exhibition includes works by: - Wesley W. Bates, West Meadow ...
    • Postcards from the Past - Tourism Then and Now 

      Special Collections staff (2002-05)
      A colourful glimpse into the history of tourism in early Canada, with an emphasis on the Thousand Islands region. Included in the Exhibit are a range of resources from our collection dating back to the 18th Century: ...
    • Learn Well and Progress Daily - Posters from the Chinese Cultural Revolution 

      Special Collections staff (2002-06)
      This exhibition presented images of youth in propaganda posters produced during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976. Chairman Mao Zedong called on all youth to build a new China in accord with Communist and Maoist ...
    • Highlights from the 18th Century Political and Historical Collections 

      Special Collections staff (2002-10)
      An exhibition in honour of the retirement of Professor J.A.W. (Jock) Gunn, D. Phil., Oxon., F.R.S.C. 17 October 2002 - 3 December 2002 In selecting items for the exhibition, Dr. Gunn compares Queen's collections with the ...
    • Leather and Vellum Bookbindings, 1500 - 1920 

      Special Collections staff (2003-01)
      An exhibition curated by Margaret Lock of Locks' Press Kingston, illustrating the history of bookbinding with examples from the Jordan Library collections. The exhibition is arranged chronologically, covering the history ...
    • Propaganda - the Medium is Never the Message! 

      Special Collections staff (2003-03)
      What is Propaganda? It is a public action or display of doctrines, ideas, arguments, facts or allegations spread by deliberate effort through any medium of communication in order to influence others, to further one's ...
    • John Buchan: His Life, His Library, His Legacy 

      Special Collections staff (2004-10)
      An Exhibition presented on the occasion of the visit of the John Buchan Society (UK), October 2004 Featuring Buchan's Private Library and Papers held by the Library and Archives of Queen's University at Kingston John ...