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    • Edward Gibbon and the Age of Quarto 

      Special Collections staff (2011-09)
      Thanks to the generosity of a donor, the Library has recently acquired a set of the first editions of Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-1788). To commemorate this acquisition, Special ...
    • Summer Exhibition 2013 

      Special Collections staff (2013-06)
      Summer Exhibition 2013 Library Exhibit, June - August 2013 In celebration of summer, the W. D. Jordan Special Collections and Music Library offers a selection of the tourism pamphlets available in our extensive ...
    • Vesalius at 500 

      Special Collections staff (2014-11)
      A lecture by Dr. Jacalyn Duffin, Professor and Hannah Chair: History of Medicine, and Dr. Alvan Bregman, Curator of Special Collections celebrating the 500th birthday of Andreas Vesalius. Bracken Health Sciences Library, ...
    • The Search for Sir John Franklin: The Erebus and The Terror 

      Special Collections staff (2015-02)
      The Search for Sir John Franklin: The Erebus and The Terror–29 January, 2015 – 28 February, 2015 @ W.D. Jordan Special Collections Library.
    • Photography and the Book in the Nineteenth Century 

      Special Collections staff (2015-04)
      The introduction of photography to book illustration forever changed the experience of the book. Photographic imagery revealed the famous people of the day as they really looked, accurately recorded the latest scientific ...
    • Sir Sandford Fleming Exhibit: W.D. Jordan Library 

      Special Collections staff (2015-07)
      This exhibit examines the life of Sir Sandford Fleming: engineer, innovator and Queen’s Chancellor for 35 years. Curated by Pam Manders and Dr. Alvan Bregman, W.D. Jordan Special Collections and Music Library, and Deirdre ...
    • A Dickensian Holiday, Dec. 16 – Jan 4, 2016 

      Special Collections staff (2015-12)
      A Christmas Carol is arguably Charles Dickens best Christmas story, but he wrote several other Christmas stories including two more novellas: The Chimes and A Cricket by the Hearth. Dickens’ other Christmas stories appeared ...
    • Vero Wynne-Edwards and the 1937 MacMillan-Thebaud Expedition 

      Special Collections staff (2016-01)
      The Jeannie and Vero Wynne-Edwards Book Collection consists of over 1800 books, pamphlets, periodical and ephemeral pieces in the field of natural history. It was the working library of Vero C. Wynne-Edwards (1906-1997) ...
    • Special Collections Visit Handout 

      Special Collections staff (2017)
    • Primary Source Literacy 

      Special Collections staff (2019)
    • Architectural Guidebook Collection 

      Special Collections staff (2015)
      Collected guidebooks to various architecturally interesting sites across England.
    • Fyfe Map Collection: Finding Aid 

      Special Collections staff (2019)
      These maps provide an excellent depiction of the development of Canada; from geographical discoveries in the 17th century to the technological growth of the 19th century. Also included in this material is an illustrated ...
    • Charles N. Bell map Collection: Finding Aid 

      Special Collections staff (1935)
      The Charles N. Bell Collection of maps contains almost 200 maps of primarily North America and Canada. Also included are a number of Blaeu maps.
    • Chinese Poster Collection: Finding Aid 

      Special Collections staff (2019)
      The Chinese Posters collection includes numerous posters from the Chinese Cultural Revolution collected by Evelyn Reid in the 1970s and donated to Special Collections in 2002. Additionally, we have 25 paper cut posters ...
    • Canadian Program Collection: Finding Aid 

      Special Collections staff (2019)
    • Alfred H. Ruddell Collection of Historical Maps: Finding Aid 

      Special Collections staff (2003)
      Collection of early maps.
    • John Glassco Collection: Finding Aid 

      Special Collections staff (2019)
      The personal and working collection of John Glassco. John Glassco (1909-1981) was a Canadian poet, translator, essayist, editor, short story writer, and professional pornographer. "Styled as a dandy, fop, and Edwardian ...
    • Ephemera/Information Files: Finding Aid 

      Special Collections staff (2019)
      Listing of other non-book publications, objects, and furniture held in Special Collections
    • Robertson Davies Collection: Finding Aid 

      Special Collections staff (2019)
      The Robertson Davies Library has been preserved in its original order and is comprised of more than 5000 volumes, theatre prints, and ephemera.