Highly cited articles published by faculty in the Department of Psychology.

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  • Short and Long Term Representation of an Unfamiliar Tone Distribution 

    Cui, Anja-Xiaoxing; Diercks, Charlette; Troje, Nikolaus F.; Cuddy, L. Lola (2016-08-11)
    We report on a study conducted to extend our knowledge about the process of gaining a mental representation of music. Several studies, inspired by research on the statistical learning of language, have investigated statistical ...
  • Straight but not Narrow; Within-Gender Variation in the Gender-Specificity of Women's Sexual Response 

    Chivers, Meredith L.; Bouchard, Katrina L.; Timmers, Amanda D. (2016-07-18)
    Gender differences in the specificity of sexual response have been a primary focus in sexual psychophysiology research, however, within-gender variability suggests sexual orientation moderates category-specific responding ...
  • Familiarity and Preference for Pitch Probability Profiles 

    Cui, Anja-Xiaoxing; Collett, J. Meghan; Troje, Nikolaus F.; Cuddy, L. Lola (2016-02-18)
    We investigated familiarity and preference judgments of participants toward a novel musical system. We exposed participants to tone sequences generated from a novel pitch probability profile. Afterward, we either asked ...
  • Cross-Cultural Correlates of the Ownership of Private Property 

    Rudmin, Floyd Webster (Academic Press, 1992)
    Simmons’ (1937) data base of 109 variables measured on 71 societies was reanalyzed. Reliability comparisons were made with Murdock’s (1967) Ethnographic Atlas. Eliminated were 3 of Simmons’ cultures because of duplicated ...
  • Cross-cultural correlates of the ownership of private property: a look from another database 

    Rudmin, Floyd Webster (University of Ottawa, Research Center for Amerindian Anthropology, 1992)
    Swanson's (1966) database Simmons’ (1937) of 39 variables coded on 50 cultures was re-examined for cross-cultural correlates of the private ownership of property. Reliability comparisons were made with Murdock’s (1967) ...
  • The Role of Dopamine in Locomotor Activity and Learning 

    Beninger, Richard J. (Elsevier, 1983-10)
    The discovery that the brain contains neurons utilizing dopamine (DA) as their transmitter has led to studies of the behavioral function of these neurons. Changes in overall level of activity of DA neurons appear to produce ...