A multidisciplinary Canadian research initiative

SCAN provides reliable research resources on surveillance camera use in Canada, from cabs and corner stores to national CCTV networks.

SCAN is committed to empirically-based, theoretically informed, and ethically-sensitive research to advance human knowledge and to contribute to evidence-based policy and practice.

SCAN is a collaborative group of university academics, policy-makers and relevant practitioners that also interacts with surveillance camera scholars globally.

SCAN promotes awareness of surveillance camera issues through accessible publications, a web site and cooperation with media contacts.

SCAN web site: http://www.surveillanceproject.org/projects/scan

Recent Submissions

  • A Report on Camera Surveillance in Canada : Part One 

    Surveillance Camera Awareness Network (SCAN) (2009-01)
    Although cameras have been appearing for some years in the streets, shopping malls, airports, train stations, arenas and even convenience stores and taxi-cabs, no one has undertaken a systematic survey of what's happening ...