Compulsory Laptop Programs: Teachers' Responses to the Adoption and Implementation Process

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Dalgarno, Nancy
Laptop Programs , Technology Implementation , Teacher Professional Development , 1-to-1 computer programs , Educational Technology
This thesis presents a multiple-method investigation of teachers’ responses to the adoption and implementation of a compulsory laptop program (CLP). It reports on the beliefs, opinions, and behaviours of teachers responsible for translating a CLP into classroom-based reality. The study is based on data collected from 18 interviews, 2 focus groups, and classroom observations of 5 teachers obtained from teachers and administrators at one Canadian independent school, as well as an online survey data from educators at nine independent schools across Canada. The purpose of the research was to investigate the impact of adopting and implementing a planned change initiative by examining teachers’ responses to a school-wide mandated curriculum initiative by focusing on their perceptions of (a) requisite participation, (b) essential components, and (c) changing roles when implementing a CLP. The findings of the study include four supports for teachers trying to implement a CLP into teaching practices. First, clearly communicate and revise shared, benchmark-driven policies on an ongoing basis to assist in unifying an understanding of the program. Second, address teachers’ self-imposed pressures within a CLP by ensuring individual teachers’ intrinsic motivation and affective needs are respected and addressed. Third, provide teachers with job-embedded learning opportunities to work individually and in small groups, and with access to knowledgeable resources in order to connect technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge, to meet just-in-time needs. Fourth, adopt an implementation model that is fluid and addresses elements affecting a teacher to provide a more inclusive and realistic method for explaining and supporting what may occur when teachers engage in implementing a CLP.
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