Started in 2011, Kaleidoscope is an annual conference for Queen’s University Library where librarians and library staff present and discuss interesting work, ideas or trends about libraries and information

Recent Submissions

  • Prison Sentences: Recovering the Voices of Prisoners Through an Exhibit 

    Bell, Kimberley (2017-10-13)
    Queen’s W.D. Jordan Rare Books and Special Collections recently acquired and exhibited an important run of Canada’s penal press, including the now closed Prison for Women. Authored and edited exclusively by inmates, these ...
  • YOU can be a Research4Life Ambassador! 

    Durando, Paola; Chala, Mulugeta (2017-10-13)
    Research4Life is a partnership between the World Health Organization, commercial publishers, and library service vendors. It provides free or low cost access to research to 8,000 eligible institutions in the developing ...
  • Bracken Health Sciences Library's Knowledge Synthesis Service 

    McKeown, Sandra (2017-10-13)
    This presentation introduces recently formalized research support services for knowledge syntheses being conducting in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The presenter reviews reasons for developing a formalized service, steps ...
  • Information Research & Management Online Course 

    McKeown, Sandra (2017-10-13)
    This presentation introduces the new Information Research & Management online course in development as part of the proposed undergraduate certificate for a Certificate in Advanced Research Skills. This collaboration between ...
  • Finding Time to Learn in a Learning Organization using 

    Young, Judy (2017-10-13)
    The story of how my six member team schedules time for dedicated learning sessions. We use Lynda. com whenever we can because it has what we need in a convenient format.