Strathy Occasional Papers on Canadian English is a series of scholarly works on Canadian English, including conference proceedings; research surveys of the English in Quebec, Ottawa and Vancouver; and an introductory reader.

Recent Submissions

  • Canadian English: A Linguistic Reader 

    Gold, Elaine; McAlpine, Janice (2010)
    Topics covered in this reader include Canadian "demolinguistics" and dialect formation, the name "Canada", English vocabulary peculiar to Canada, the sounds of Canadian English (Canadian accents), "eh?" in Canadian English, ...
  • The Survey of Vancouver English: A Sociolinguistic Study of Urban Canadian English 

    Gregg, R.J. (2004)
    This volume serves as an introduction to one of the most extensive sociolinguistic studies ever undertaken in the English-speaking world. It is also a tribute to the enormous energy and learning of the late Robert J. Gregg ...
  • The Ottawa Survey of Canadian English 

    Woods, Howard (1999)
    This survey offers a quantitative documentation of general Canadian usage. Interviews with Canadian-born anglophone citizens of Ottawa were used to extrapolate a phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, and lexical ...
  • The English Language as Used in Quebec, A Survey 

    McArthur, Tom (1989)
    When Tom McArthur, a Scottish linguist and educator, became Associate Professor of English at the Université du Québec, he was quite surprised to discover the extent to which the English of bilingual anglophones in Quebec ...
  • In Search of the Standard in Canadian English 

    Lougheed, W.C. (1986)
    This volume contains proceedings of a 1985 conference at Queen's University that gathered a diverse group of professionals working with language (linguists, lexicographers, teachers, journalists, and editors) to discuss ...