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dc.contributor.authorGould, Mitchellen
dc.description.abstractJews and their city of Jerusalem have been a perpetual source of discussion within Christendom. The English Reformation became more established under the Elizabethan settlement of 1559. This fundamental change in religious practice and belief also reflected a difference in how Jewish people and their holy city of Jerusalem were portrayed within sermons and other tracts written by preachers. This project explores the place of Jews and Jerusalem in the sermons of early modern English preachers. It examines questions relating to the how Jews and Jerusalem factor into the content of English sermons written between 1558-1630, focusing on four distinct themes. The first section examines the heavenly versus the earthly Jerusalem, tracing the division of the city between an earthly and heavenly place from early Church figures through to English preachers. The next section follows the usage of Jewish figures and Hebrew texts, primarily pursuing inquiry relating to two major figures, Josephus and Maimonides. Further, this project contributes to scholarship that has recognized the antisemitism prevalent throughout early modern Europe. It examines how Jews were made other and insulted in sermons, as well as compared to Catholics. It pays particular attention to how attributes assigned to biblical Jews continued to impact their early modern descendants. Finally, this project considers the replies from Catholic English Jesuits to the English Protestant settlement. It investigates how Catholics reacted and responded to Protestant claims to Jerusalem by bolstering their own associations with the city. Further, it studies how Catholics in turn would associate Protestants with Jews and "Judaizing" practices. Above all, this project's aim is to place further attention upon the uses of Jews and Jerusalem within this turbulent and formative period within English Reformation history.en
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dc.subjectEarly Modernen
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dc.titleTwo Confessions, One Jerusalem: Conceptions of Jews and Jerusalem in the Early Modern English Sermonen
dc.contributor.supervisorCollins, Jeffreyen
dc.contributor.departmentHistoryen's University at Kingstonen

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