A publication of the Faculty of Education and the Education Alumni Committee

The Office of the Dean and the Education Alumni Steering Committee are pleased to introduce Queen’s Education Letter. This thematic bi-annual letter is one of our means to engage the community of educators and the public at large in a discussion of current educational issues by making accessible the ideas and research of prominent scholars on compelling topics. It is also a way to fulfill our social responsibility as a public institution and reach out to our alumni as an expression of our gratitude for their continued support.


Queen’s Education Letter is offered free-of-charge. Access to the current issue and archived issues is available under “Recent submissions” in the right column of this webpage.

Queen's Education Letter is also delivered in bulk to select locations. The Queen’s Education Letter is supported by annually pledged donations from alumni and friends as well as matching funds from the Office of the Dean of Education.

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Bob Snell, Queen’s Faculty of Education
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Launch Reception for Queen's Education Letter

The launch reception was held on December 7, 2005 and featured a presentation by Dr. Romulo Magsino, Dean Emeritus, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba. Dr. Magsino presented on "Education and Religion: A Question of Rights." The presentation was followed by a lively discussion among attendees, who included; faculty and emeritus faculty, graduate students, alumni and community members interested in the publication and the theme of the first issue: human rights in education.

Recent Submissions

  • History of Education 

    Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; Breakstone, Joel; Smith, Mark; Wineburg, Sam; Lévesque, Stéphane; Seixas, Peter; Ercikan, Kadriye; Christou, Theodore; Stafford, Joseph (2011-02-09)
    This issue aims to call attention to the relevance of History in students' development as critical thinkers and ultimately as good citizens.
  • Aboriginal Education 

    Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; Beeman, Chris; Robust, Te Tuhi; Freeman, Kate; Reed, Kevin; Belmore, Lorne; Morrison, Carole (2010-08-03)
    This issue conveys the Faculty of Education's commitment to the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada and beyond. The approach intersects the transnationality of histories of colonialism with the need to critically re-address ill ...
  • Technological Education 

    Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; Wynne, Kathleen; Hope, Gill; Welch, Malcolm; Norman, Eddie; Olson, John; Holtermann-Delong, Ena; Higham, Jeremy; Yeomans, David; Whitaker, Chris (2010-03-19)
    Technological education encompasses a wide range of skills development, among which are imaginative problem solving, design and production. Creative ways of engaging young people in both the conceptual and practical elements ...
  • Peace Education 

    Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; MacDonald, Flora; Van Gurp, Carolyn; Porter, Robert Gerald; Stroud Stasel, Rebecca; Swaren, Izabella; Kozolanka, Karne (2009-08-10)
    Peace Education encompasses a variety of human rights issues, freedom from war and freedom from all oppression. Globally we are faced with a challenge to create a peaceful and sustainable future. Peace education teaches ...
  • Arts Education 

    Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; Noppe-Brandon, Scott; Elliot, Stephen; Upitis, Rena; Smithrim, Katharine; O'Farrell, Larry; Johnston, Aynne (2008-06-20)
    The Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Queen's Education Letter is on the theme "Arts Education." The issue starts off with an article by the editor, Rosa Bruno-Jofre, Queen's University titled "Rethinking Aethetics." Bruno-Jofre's ...
  • Strategies and Solutions to Stop Bullying 

    Craig, Wendy M.; Pepler, Debra; McDougall, Patricia; Smith, David; Saini, Michael; Cook, Charlene; Mishna, Faye; Cummings, Joanne (2008-01-08)
    This Letter comprises a series of articles that provides a systemic understanding of bullying and the relationship solutions required to address it. Addressing bullying is everyone's responsibility and solutions are needed ...
  • Teacher Education 

    Noddings, Nel; Whitehead, LeRoy; Martin, Andrea; Russell, Tom; Jardin, Joan; Olson, John; Johnston, James Scott (2007-06-27)
    Message from the Editors We have invited distinguished scholars and practitioners to provide us with a challenging read and the beginning of a fruitful conversation on teacher education. Not surprisingly, as Russell and ...
  • Family Literacy 

    Lee, Elizabeth; Nesbitt-Munroe, Debbie; Jackson, Anne; Arnold, Carynne; Dacosta, Lisa; Ramsay, Susan (Faculty of Education and Education Alumni Committee, 2006-12-15)
    This issue of the Education Letter seeks to inform you about family literacy, describe some successful programs, and discuss principles that teachers and schools may draw upon to develop family literacy programs. A report ...
  • Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning 

    Mercier-Laurent, Eunika; Bereiter, Carl; Scardamalia, Marlene; Jonassen, David; Roulet, Geoffrey; Egnatoff, William J.; Laferriere, Therese (2006-06-30)
    The proliferation of virtual learning environments in every sphere of education, the impact of artificial intelligence, and the worldwide imperative to integrate ICT in teaching and learning processes motivated us to invite ...
  • Human Rights in Education 

    Magsino, Romulo; Davila, Pauli; Naya, Luis; Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; Casey, Sandra; Manley-Casimir, Michael (Queen's University, Faculty of Education, 2005-11)
    A publication of the Faculty of Education and the Education Alumni Committee, this thematic bi-annual letter is one of our means to engage the community of educators and the public-at-large in a discussion of current ...