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dc.contributor.authorAvalos, Sebastian
dc.contributor.authorOrtiz, Julian M.
dc.identifier.citationAvalos S, Ortiz JM (2019) A simple, synthetic and two dimensional geometallurgical modeling application, Predictive Geometallurgy and Geostatistics Lab, Queen’s University, Annual Report 2019, paper 2019-11, 146-158.en
dc.descriptionThis is a preprint version of a paper that is or may be under consideration of publication. It does not contain changes and edits that will be made during peer review, or updates, edits and alterations by the authors and the publisher that may occur prior to acceptance and final publication.
dc.description.abstractGeometallurgy seeks to provide a holistic framework across the mine value chain. Although it is possible to find real world applications in the literature, in most cases the integration is just between geological modeling and metallurgy, ignoring the temporal and economic benefits given by the mining perspective. Moreover, the relevant attributes are widely estimated by kriging methods, leading to an inaccurate prediction of their associated uncertainties. This work presents the benefits of (1) integrating the mine planning into the classic geometallurgical paradigm, (2) moving from the determinism of estimations to the stochasticity of simulations, and (3) the benefits of seeing each unit operation and process as a transfer function, so the propagated uncertainties are more accurately represented. To do that, a two dimensional synthetic case study is built accounting for one economical element of interest (Copper), one impurity (Clay) and one metallurgical property (Hardness). At the end, several ideas for improving this geo-mine-metallurgical framework are listed and discussed.en
dc.publisherQueen's Universityen
dc.relationQueen’s University Research Initiation Granten
dc.relationMitacs Accelerateen
dc.titleA Simple, Synthetic and Two Dimensional Geometallurgical Modeling Applicationen
dc.typejournal articleen
project.funder.nameQueen's Universityen
project.funder.nameSRK Consulting Canadaen

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