Towards Automatic Classification of Fragmented Rock Piles via Proprioceptive Sensing and Wavelet Analysis

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Artan, Unal
Marshall, Joshua
mining robotics , fragmentation analysis , autonomous excavation , wavelets , proprioceptive sensing
In this paper, we describe a method for classifying rock piles characterized by different size distributions by using accelerometer data and wavelet analysis. Size distribution (frag-mentation) estimates are used in the mining and aggregates industries to ensure the rock that enters the crushing and grinding circuits meet input design specifications. Current technologies use exteroceptive sensing to estimate size distributions from, for example, camera images. Our approach instead proposes the use of signals acquired from the process of loading equipment that are used to transport fragmented rock. The experimental setup used a laboratory-sized mock up of a haul truck with two inertial measurement units (IMUs) for data collection. Results utilizing wavelet analysis are provided that show how accelerometers could be used to distinguish between piles with different size distributions.