Fresh Ideas: Pop-ups and Planning for the City of Calgary Farm Stand Program

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Cantlay, Stephanie
Farm stands , Direct food distribution , Food systems planning , Urban agriculture , Alternative food distribution models
Direct food distribution such as farmers markets, farm stands, and u-pick stands are alternatives to conventional food models like grocery store chains. The City of Calgary’s Farm Stand Program aims to provide places, in the form of pop-up stands, to sell fruit and vegetables to simultaneously support local farmers and offer improved resident access to healthy food options. This report assesses and evaluates the successes and challenges of program implementation and illuminates the role of municipal governments in direct food distribution. By using a case study methodology, four research questions focus on a single case and answer the following: 1) Why and for what purpose was the Farm Stand Program created in Calgary? 2) How has the Farm Stand Program been implemented in Calgary in terms of locations, scope, and objectives? 3) What challenges and strengths have characterized the implementation of the Farm Stand Program in Calgary? and 4) To what extent is the Farm Stand Program accessible to socioeconomically deprived communities? Research questions are answered through spatial analysis, document analysis and key informant interviews. Eight recommendations emerged from the research and offer key insights for planners on how to implement direct food distribution models.
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