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    • Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Harsh Industrial Environments 

      El Kouche, Ahmad (2013-09-28)
      Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are popular for their wide scope of application domains ranging from agricultural, medical, defense, industrial, social, mining, etc. Many of these applications are in outdoor type environments ...
    • Workflow Scheduling Algorithms in the Grid 

      Dong, Fangpeng (2009-04-25)
      The development of wide-area networks and the availability of powerful computers as low-cost commodity components are changing the face of computation. These progresses in technology make it possible to utilize geographically ...
    • Workload Adaptation in Autonomic Database Management Systems 

      Niu, Baoning (2008-01-30)
      Workload adaptation is a performance management process in which an autonomic database management system (DBMS) efficiently makes use of its resources by filtering or controlling the workload presented to it in order to ...