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    • A modern interpretation of Robert Fludd's symbolic illustrations 

      Diotallevi, Dante (2015-10-03)
      This thesis defends the worldview and reasoning of Robert Fludd through a detailed examination of his illustrations. I am continuing the work of Wolfgang Pauli, who wrote on Fludd’s polemic with Johannes Kepler. Diving ...
    • Modern Theories of Emotion 

      Leighton, Stephen (Penn State University Press, 1988)
    • Moral Liability to Self-Defense: Challenging Jeff McMahan's Fact-Relative Account 

      Jeffrey, Kory (2012-10-02)
      The focus of this thesis is the normative base of moral liability to defensive harm. Many argue that liability is what makes it morally permissible to seriously injure or kill in self-defense or in the defense of others. ...
    • Moral Responsibility and Preconditions of Moral Criticism 

      Farzam-Kia, Arash (2010-07-07)
      Traditionally, the central threat to the defensibility of the range of practices and attitudes constitutive of moral criticism has been seen to be posed by the Causal Thesis, the view that all actions have antecedent causes ...
    • Moral Responsibility and the Natural Order 

      Allen, Katy (2007-09-19)
      This thesis examines Kantian conceptions of freedom. Beginning with Kant himself, I show how Kant’s response to Hume concerning the rational justification of causal judgements results in his claim that the sensible world ...
    • Nature Enframed: Technology and Heidegger's Environmental Thinking 

      Curran, Kyle (2015-10-01)
      This thesis concerns itself with a potential relationship between environmental philosophy and the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Taking up the question of modern technology as a prima facie cause of environmental damage, ...
    • A New View of Emotions 

      Leighton, Stephen (University of Illinois Press, 1985)
    • Nietzsche's Idea of the Overman and the Current State of Collective Consciousness 

      Poisot Cervantes, Hiram
      Nietzsche’s idea of the overman has been interpreted in several ways and is often misunderstood. Observing people’s tendencies to act in specific ways along with the common forms of social organization and development ...
    • Norms, Reasons, and Moral Progress 

      Tam, Nga Yin (Agnes)
      In the literature of moral progress, there is an ongoing debate over the role of moral reasoning in enabling large-scale behavioural change. On the one hand, rationalists argue that more and better moral reasoning is key ...
    • On Feeling Angry and Elated 

      Leighton, Stephen (1988)
    • On Pity and Its Appropriateness 

      Leighton, Stephen (Mohr Siebeck, 2007)
    • On the Conceptual Status of Justice 

      Johannsen, Kyle (2015-07-02)
      In contemporary debates about justice, political philosophers take themselves to be engaged with a subject that’s narrower than the whole of morality. Many contemporary liberals, notably John Rawls, understand this ...
    • On the Performativity of Economics 

      Ruggins, Sarah (2013-10-01)
      This project seeks to deepen the understanding of economic “performativity” – the effects of economic theory and models on the economy - by examining the history of financial markets and the relationship between economic ...
    • Open Secularism and the New Religious Pluralism 

      Boucher, Francois (2012-09-27)
      Although we have developed modes of governance of religious diversity to accommodate the weak level of religious pluralism which characterized Western societies until recently, it is not clear that these modes of governance ...
    • Passion and Persuasion 

      Leighton, Stephen (Blackwell, 2009)
    • Paternalism and Competent Patient Choice in the Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender-Nonconforming People 

      Pigeau, Kevin (2016-10-13)
      In 2016 physicians in Ontario will be granted the authority to refer patients with gender dysphoria for sex reassignment surgery. In order to be granted this authority physicians must be trained in the World Professional ...
    • A Pedagogy of Discomfort: A Qualified Defense 

      MacDonald, Heather
      This thesis considers Megan Boler’s proposal for a pedagogy of discomfort, an approach to social justice education that harnesses students’ emotional responses of felt discomfort, such as anger or guilt, in order to prompt ...
    • Perceptual Intuitionism Without Ethical Perception 

      Jamieson, Lesley (2014-09-30)
      In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in Perceptual Intuitionism. A significant portion of the literature on the topic has focused on the ethical perception defense, the supposition seeming to be that one must ...
    • Perfectionism within Neutrality 

      Lowry, Christopher Robert (2009-07-21)
      This dissertation explores and defends a form of perfectionism, which I call ‘public value perfectionism’. It is an approach that emerges from Sen’s capability critique of Rawls’s doctrine of primary goods and I argue that ...
    • Personal Choices, Institutions, and Justice: Defending Cohen's Position from Tan's Critique 

      Sabzevari, Miriam (2014-09-29)
      This essay will defend, in light of Kok-Chor Tan's critique, G. A. Cohen's position that justice should be conceived as an extensive project, whose purview includes personal choices as well as institutional structures, and ...