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    • Variance Analysis for Nonlinear Systems 

      Yu, Wei (2007-06)
      In the past decades there has been onsiderable commercial and academic interest in methods for monitoring control system performance for linear systems. Far less has been written on control system performance for nonlinear ...
    • Water Sorption Properties of Sub-Micron Thin Ionomer Films 

      Shim, Hyun Ki (2016-02-25)
      This thesis is focused on the water uptake and swelling properties of sub-micron thin ion conducting polymer (ionomer) films. One motivation for this work stems from the need to resolve the discrepancy between high water ...
    • Weld Read-Through Defects in Laser Transmission Welding 

      Cao, Xiaochao (2010-07-02)
      In laser Transmission Welding (LTW), the laser beam passes through the transparent part and is dissipated as heat in the absorbent material through the use of laser-absorbing pigments such as carbon black (CB). This energy ...