Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s statistical publications provide information on permanent and temporary residents as well as immigration and citizenship programs.

  • Facts and Figures: Immigration Overview. Permanent and Temporary Residents - CA1 CIM I55
  • Citizenship and Immigration Statistics - CA1 MI I57

Recent Submissions

  • BC Immigrant Landings by Source and Class, 2005-2013 

    BC Stats; Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) (2015)
    All Canadian immigration applications and approvals by country of origin, province of destination and immigration category from 2002 to June 2013. The data was downloaded by the University of Britsh Columbia Library from ...
  • Facts and Figures: Immigration Overview - Permanent and Temporary Residents 

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Research and Evaluation Branch, 1998)
    Annual immigration statistics for permanent and temporary residents.
  • Citizenship and Immigration Statistics 

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada (1992-1996); Employment and Immigration Canada (1977-1991); Manpower and Immigration (1966-1976) (1966)
    Annual statistical publications describing Canada’s immigration and citizenship programs. Production ceased with the publication of the report for 1996.