• Commissioner and Staff 

      Walkerton Inquiry (2002)
      Commissioner, legal team, and research advisory panel for the Walkerton Inquiry.
    • Legal Information 

      Walkerton Inquiry (2002)
      Rules, guidelines, notices, and legal documents related to the hearings for the Inquiry.
    • Mandate 

      Walkerton Inquiry (2002)
      Mandate of the Inquiry
    • Schedule 

      Walkerton Inquiry (2001)
      Master schedule, April-October 2001.
    • Town Hall Meetings 

      Walkerton Inquiry (2002)
      The purpose of the town hall meetings was to give Commissioner Dennis R. O'Connor an opportunity to hear concerns about drinking water safety from a broad spectrum of the Ontario public. He heard from municipalities, ...
    • Witnesses and Exhibits 

      Walkerton Inquiry (2002)
      Lists of witness and exhibits