Recent Submissions

  • Rock Modeling in TENSOR74, a Two-dimensional Lagrangian Shock Propagation Code 

    Burton, Donald E.; Schatz, John F. (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, 1975-03-19)
    TENSOR74 is a major revision of TENSOR, a computer code designed to solve stress wave propagation problems in two dimensions. The major physics modificatims in TENSOR74 are in the area of constitutive modeling of solid ...
  • SOC73, A One-dimensional Wave Propagation Code for Rock Media 

    Schatz, John (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, 1974-11-05)
    SOC73 is a highly modified version of SOC, a computer code that numerically stimulated mechanical wave propagation in geologic media. Innovation in SOC73 lies mainly in the constitutive modeling of solid media. New models ...
  • Cavities Produced by Underground Nuclear Explosions 

    Butkovich, T.R. (Lawrence Lovermore Laboratory, 1976-07-08)
    This investigation studied the displacement of rock that formerly occupied cavities produced by underground nuclear explosions. There are three possible explanations for this displacement: the volume could be displaced to ...