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    Reading to Understand: Supporting the Reading Comprehension of Students with Autism Spectrum in English Language Arts Classrooms
    (2023-08) Graham, Jazmine
    Educators have voiced facing numerous barriers at effectively including students with autism spectrum into mainstream classrooms, despite having positive attitudes towards it (Cook & Ogden, 2020; McCrimmon, 2015; Stephenson et al., 2021). Research demonstrates that this is often due to a lack of knowledge, educational resources, supports, and training (Becerra-Murillo, 2020; Cook & Ogden, 2020; Lindsay et al., 2013; Rodden et al., 2019; Stephenson et al., 2021). One area of learning that students with autism spectrum often have difficulty in is reading comprehension. The purpose of this project was to explore strategies that, through research studies, have shown positive results in improving the reading comprehension of students with autism spectrum and create an accessible way to share these strategic outcomes with teachers. It was found that there are four different intervention types that strategies can fall into that demonstrate an ability to improve the reading comprehension of students with autism spectrum; cooperative learning supports, direct instruction, graphic organizers, and self-directed strategies. A guidebook was created with background information on literature pertaining to the relationship between reading comprehension and autism spectrum. Additionally, strategies that fall under these intervention types, such as character maps, Question Answer Relations, and collaborative strategic reading, are defined and outlined. These are followed by connection to specific curriculum expectations and templates of described strategies. By providing educators with an accessible resource that outlines pertinent information and resources, along with physical copies to utilize, teachers are able to implement reading comprehension strategies into their classroom to create more inclusive learning environments that work to advance the reading comprehension of all students, including those with autism spectrum.
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    Driver collusion in ride-hailing platforms under competition
    (2023-09-27) Mohamadi, Navid
    The rise of on-demand service platforms has become an integral part of modern life, with intermediaries facilitating the matching of service providers and consumers. This study focuses on the competitive dynamics of ride-hailing platforms and explores the influence of drivers' collusion on market outcomes. By examining the interplay between earning-sensitive drivers and price- and waiting-time-sensitive riders, this study adopts a game-theoretic perspective to analyze the effects of collusion in a two-sided market. Negative externalities, represented by network congestion, are incorporated to reflect real-world scenarios such as surge pricing during peak hours. The research aims to fill a gap in the existing literature by simultaneously investigating the impacts of both competition and collusion in the context of on-demand service platforms. By considering factors such as supply-induced price fluctuations and riders' time sensitivity, this study provides insights into the complex dynamics of these platforms and their implications for market outcomes.
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    Detecting Change in High Temporal Resolution UAV Photogrammetry at Active Archaeological Excavations: International Field School Excavations at NI Stobi 2018
    (2023) Marie McMenamin
    Photogrammetry is a common technique used in the documentation of archaeological excavations; it has been integrated into several sites since the early 20th century. Photogrammetry allows researchers to analyze and document important finds and structures. The cost of photogrammetry today has declined significantly since the early 20th century making it possible to perform daily RPAS photogrammetry over an active archaeological site. Most researchers today use photogrammetry to create orthophotos that can be traced with 2D line work, but the 3D data is essentially thrown out. This 3D data can provide valuable information using change detection. Photogrammetric change detection analysis is common when it comes to the protection of cultural heritage sites but is not commonly used on active archaeological sites. Using 3D data, we can compare Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) and Point Clouds, resulting in defined locus boundaries that can enhance the archaeological documentation. This study utilizes RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) data gathered during an international field school at Stobi, an archaeological site in the Republic of North Macedonia, in 2018. Using two different programs, 3DM Analyst and CloudCompare, this project shows the subtle changes that occur on an active archaeological excavation. These programs have special features that allow the user to compare the data to calculate and visualize these differences. Information gathered from field journals and locus sheets assists in the analysis of the changes that occur within the locus boundaries. The 3D information gathered can provide important information in understanding how the excavation is proceeding and what the next steps are.
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    Seeking Sugar
    (2023-08) Morris, Melissa Anne
    Seeking Sugar: An Exploration of Verbatim Musical Theatre is a research-creation project investigating the world of verbatim theatre, and how it intersects with contemporary musical theatre. It is an experiment to set found text about the sugar dating industry to music, in the genre of musical theatre. The final product is a song cycle of five original compositions with lyrics sourced from the online forum Reddit and other websites that discuss the sugaring world. This thesis includes analyses of pre-existing works in the verbatim musical theatre canon, an exploration of the sugar dating phenomenon, the feasibility of alternative collaboration, the future of verbatim musical theatre and AI musicals, and a reflection on the process of crafting Seeking Sugar.
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    Nurturing Inclusive Urban Futures: Valuing the Contributions of Community Organizations in Ontario Cities
    Geography and Planning; Cameron, Laura Jean
    This dissertation investigates the experiences of community organizations in three Ontario cities— Cornwall, Kingston, and Ottawa—as they grapple with building municipal relationships and navigating community development processes in their cities. Community organizations, informal collectives formed around shared identity or goals, play a vital role in contributing to the liveliness and wellbeing of urban communities. Regardless of their varied socio-spatial contexts and mandates, which include community support, activism, inclusion, arts, and heritage activities, these organizations often extend their efforts to fulfill essential care work for their communities and address service deficiencies for underserved populations. Yet, they are frequently underrecognized and unsupported by municipalities, who do not understand or value their contributions. Community organizations encounter significant logistical, spatial, financial, and operational challenges that place their communities and those they support in positions of precarity. These issues stem from structural oppression embedded within neoliberal paradigms and urban power systems. These systems of oppression limit municipalities’ purported attempts to engage in equitable, diverse, and inclusive community development practices. The findings of this dissertation are grounded in a range of voices, centering the geographical imaginations and experiences of participants through various research communication strategies. In line with the principles of critical praxis-oriented research, this study engages in responsive knowledge mobilization through the creation of alternative research communication formats including zine work and report creation, being attentive to the audiences that research might benefit. This approach ensures that the research not only contributes to academic discourse but has practical implications for the communities it studies. It considers the potential value of these findings for municipalities striving to create more inclusive communities and brings forward the importance of recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by community organizations in their efforts to engage in care work and create a sense of place and belonging in their cities.

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