Supporting Refugee Students in Canadian K – 12 Classrooms: A Seminar and Resource Toolkit for Pre-Service Teacher Candidates

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Marmash, Roxolana Maria
For well over a decade, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has sounded the alarm about the increasing rate at which conflicts, violence, fear of persecution and human rights violations are forcing people to flee their homes. Canada has been the top resettlement country for refugees for the past four years and in 2022 – 2023 welcomed over 175,000 Ukrainians displaced by war. Studies show that Canadian teachers report feeling underprepared to understand and serve the needs of refugee students because of limited access to targeted professional development opportunities and a lack of related teaching resources. This research aimed to address this gap by developing a resource that will help pre-service teacher candidates understand the unique needs of refugee students, and to raise awareness about critical factors regarding the educational integration of refugee and displaced students. The resource consists of a seminar presentation and a toolkit of supporting resources which may be presented within Canadian Faculties of Education, or it can be adapted for use as professional development session for practicing teachers or deployed online as a free additional qualification mini-course
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